Amnesty to Those Who Have Made False Accusations of Sexual Abuse

Yes, you’ve read the title of this article correctly, and soon you’ll understand.

Contrary to what most prosecutors believe, people (including children) make false accusations of sexual abuse. Sometimes these accusations are deliberate; sometimes they arise due to the accuser’s inability to accurately perceive and convey the actions of the alleged offender; and sometimes they arise due to biased interviews, suggestive questioning, and/or taint. Regardless of the reason, the point is that people are falsely convicted of sex crimes, and their lives are forever shattered. Occasionally, alleged victims will come forward and recant their false accusations due to guilt, sympathy, or because they now realize that they were simply mistaken. This is exactly what recently happened in Virginia.

In 2008, a teen (then 17 years old) accused a Virginia man of sexually assaulting her while she was 10, and he was 14. The man was convicted, and sentenced to 7½ years in prison. Just this month, the accuser told investigators that her parents caught her looking at pornographic websites in 2007, so she fabricated the story to explain her behavior. The accuser stated that she blamed the man because his family had moved away and she didn’t think police would be able to find him. Although there is an additional shocking twist to this story, it is not germane to this discussion.

Prosecutors are unsure as to why this teen now decided to come forward with the truth. Regardless, she has done the honorable thing, and we commend her for this act of bravery. As a result of her coming forward, however, she was charged with perjury. Personally, we do not feel as though a perjury charge is adequate for destroying a man’s life, but we must think outside of the box here.

It is imperative that those who have falsely accused a person of a sex crime be given every incentive to come forward and tell the truth. Punishing people for coming forward with the truth will likely prevent others from coming forward, which we do not want. On the other hand, we must give incentive to people to NOT make such accusations by punishing them to the fullest extent of the law. As you can see, this is a dilemma.

Therefore, it would be logical to grant amnesty and confidentiality, for a fixed period of time, to anyone who comes forward with the truth. The goal here would be to free as many people as possible that are currently in prison due to false accusations. After this time period is over, anyone who is convicted of deliberately making false accusations of sexual abuse would be subject to more-severe penalties. This would send a clear message to people that such accusations will not be tolerated, and hopefully would prevent individuals from being wrongly imprisoned from that point forward. There would, of course, need to be latitude given to certain cases depending upon the circumstances under which the accusations were made.

Please let us know what your thoughts are on this issue. Also, please share stories and/or links regarding incidences where an alleged victim has recanted his or her story, and came forward with the truth.


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25 Responses to Amnesty to Those Who Have Made False Accusations of Sexual Abuse

  1. Anynonomous says:

    My family member was falsely accused by his 7yr old daughter who he did not meet until she was 5 yrs old. She and her mother had already made 3 previous false allegations -1 accusation against the father of her other children was reported to the police (which was unsubstantiated). Two other people were accused but that was mainly reported to family and friends. The mother has a history of mental illness, neglect, violent behavior, abandonment of the child and open dcfs cases. The child already had a history of unstable behavior and her unusual, inappropriate sexual behavior and knowledge had been witnessed by many members of our family. When my family member met his daughter for the first time it was clear she had already been severely alienated against him. When my family member met his daughter he began paying child support (the mother extorted him to pay cash under the table so it would not decrease the amount of her welfare-if he did not he would not be allowed visitation) and tried to develop a relationship with her. He was a very loving and responsible parent. I know many single mothers who would love to have a loving responsible father to help raise their kids. Upon learning what his daughter had been put through by her mother he was very concerned. Everytime he would make some progress in bonding with his child she would go back to her alienating mother and immediately hate him. He set up counseling to get help in developing his relationship with the child and the mother refused to let the child participate. He wenr to the counseling alone to get tips on how to handle the situation. When he realized the deplorable living conditions and parenting by the mother was ongoing and that the mother had recently abandoned his child for over a month he told the mother he was going to file for custody. At this point he was denied visitation. Two months later he was accused of molesting his daughter. The mother made her living off the welfare cash, food stamps, medicaid etc…while living in her grandmothers home and losing her kids would have cut of her party fund. The police and prosecutors ignored the fact that this monster had previously coached this child to make false allegations against the father of her other children when he sought custody. They refused to allow him to take a polygraph despite his repeated requests to take one. They refused to listen to any of the information our family provided about the treatment and living conditions of the child or the mothers motives for making these allegations. My family member is 36 yrs old and has never displayed or been accused of any type of sexual misconduct. We know he is innocent. How many child molesters want a polygraph and try to go to counseling with their “victim”? We also witnessed firsthand his struggles to see his child and had to watch helplessy as the mother’s family circled the wagons refused to report the mother for her horiffic behavior and treatment of the child or tell the truth of what they had witnessed her do to and in front of the child. The mother would always threaten the familyand tell them theywouldnever see the kids again if they reported her.

    He has been in county jail for 4 years awaiting trial and our family has spent $75000 in legal fees. All because of these liars. Prior to this the childs mother had also falsely accused people of assault and claimed people were threatening her life. She does this for attention and the local police are aware she is a pathological liar. Some of the wording in the mothers comments is even word for word verbatim matches the allegations she made and coached the child to make against the father of her other children.
    There are written reports that document all of this. We are shocked by the literal stupidity and corruption of the police and prosecutors as they eagerly seek a conviction and the corruption of greedy defense lawyers who have taken our money and done NOTHING to defend him. We have not even had a lawyer get full discovery much less the records that would prove the truth. The pain and financial damages caused to my family member and our family could never be repaid. His life will be ruined even if he is eventually found innocent. He lost his home, car, business etc… Why isn’t the credibility of the the complaining witnesses taken into consideraton? Why can’t they be polygraphed before the state is allowed to ruin the lives of innocent people? This is absolutely a witch hunt. We have been told by several attorneys that most of the evidence and records that prove the mother has huge motive to lie will likely not even be allowed??? There is no evidence against him except the word of the child. THAT IS IT!!!
    The court/jury should be able to get the whole picture-the mothers documented mental illness is ABSOLUTELY an integeral part of his defense. What mentally balanced mother would coach her child to make false allegations??? Nothing about this situation makes sense and it certainly is NOT fair. The words “justice system” are an oxymoron. I read that the U.K. they thoroughly investigate the veracity of a supposed victims complaint BEFORE arresting and charging and in many cases the polygraph them. Our laws need to be changed. WHY ARE INNOCENT LIVES ALLOWED TO BE RUINED ON THE WORD OF A KNOWN MENTALLY ILL PATHOLOGICAL LIAR???? ONLY IN AMERICA -Anyone who knowingly falsely accuses another should get the same penalty the accused would get if convicted.

  2. Angel Loraine Cochran says:

    I wish there was something can be done about these firms that falsely accuse men in such manor. My kids father was recently accused by his step-daughter and everyone was out thru hell just for her to turn assertions and admit she lied. Absolutely no action is being taken against her and I am at a loss. My kids suffered severely due to this entire situation and their not even getting so much as an apology and this girl just goes on like nothing ever happened. It’s wrong and something must be done to stop future incidents. Too many girls cry wolf because they can get away with it. When is enough…. enough?

  3. Julie says:

    Hi, Charles!I don’t know about Butner, but you can find out a LOT from the Butner forum on . I’ll ask Joe about it, and report back if he has heard anyntihg.As far as getting time off for completing the RDAP, I have corresponded with one individual who received 9 months off his sentence for completing the program. (Yes, he was convicted of c.p. possession.) Joe has seen the RDAP paperwork of several other inmates with c.p. convictions who had started the program. Within the first 2 or 3 weeks, the inmates received paperwork stating that they would receive 12 months off their sentences following successful completion of the RDAP.I’ve read several articles online that say pretty much the same thing. Unless I hear something to the contrary, we’re assuming that you CAN receive considerable time off your sentence, even with a c.p. conviction!

  4. oncefallendotcom says:

    I think those who falsely accuse should get a punishment equal to those they accused. If a woman cries rape and a man gets 20 years, she gets 20 years. If a man has to register, she has to register. No amnesty for false accusers. 

    • Anynonomous says:

      Agree whole heartedly! There should be a false accuser registry! SEVERE PENALTIES for all involved. The supposed “victim” and anyone who coaches them to lie.

  5. ashall says:

    So I have a question… my grandmother is doing business with a man on the sex offender list for life. However he told her that the 13 year old girl recanted. If so why wasnt he removed from the list? Is that normal or is he lying?


    I was raped while I was in prison. It was 10 years of hell that no one can replace.


    Complaintant: (Personal names removed by Moderator)

    convicted an complantant's word alone

    • David says:

      Dam, my brother:

      I hope your putting the pieces back together and making the best of things.

      And if the guards knew this was going on, I HOPE you made them pay.

      • Trey says:

        I am currently waiintg to receive the call from the attorney telling me its time to turn myself in and as each day goes by I find it harder to push on I find I am having regular anxiety attacks and snapping at those who are standing beside me. Before January when it all came out I pretty much had everything a 23 year old could want. A great job, awesome friends! And someone who I thought would be beside me no matter what and I’ve lost it all.the only thing I have left is my close family.I told you that to tell you this.I have a BAD knee problem and a heart condition I have to keep in check and I am very concerned about my health while staying at I believe one of your commenter’s called it club fed is this something that will be taken care of or will I be in trouble?.Also what are some of the things Joe does to pass the time?

  7. David Jones says:

    I have a relative who did ten years in Penna.  due to false accusations of a stepdaughter who was being prevented from cutting school and smoking dope. Because of the hysteria at the time and my relatives belief in our system of justice, a major miscarriage resulted in a ten year sentence.  In the last year of the term Megan's Law was passed and the subsequent felons list has prevented a resumption of any normal life. This tragedy needs redress.

  8. macario hinojos says:

    My brother Edwin Hinojos gave 25 to the navy with all gold barson his sleeve never having a problem, a few months befor he goes to retire a freind of my niece stayed the night and then said edwin touched her not raped not beat just with one finger touched her down there. he didnt do it but just because she said so edwin is now serving 7 years in jail and has been dishonorably discharged with no proof or evedince just she said he did it. i am trying to get the media involed and trying to send as many emails to anyone that will listen, in the next few days i will send out an email with all the emails and things we are going to try to do during that time if you know anyone that can help in any form of media or lawyers or any thing that we can do to fix this it would be greatful.

  9. Destiny says:

    Yesterday I had to kiss my Fiance good bye as he bravely walked in to court to turn himself in and plead guilty to a crime he didn't commit. A 12 year old girl falsely accused him of abusing her. Her mother admitted her daughter had problems and that she was sorry… but after attending classes mandated by the courts about child abuse she chose to believe her daughter. My fiances crime….  was he cared too much and now he is serving 80 months and will always be labeled a sex offender… His life now has a huge mark on it and this 12 year old will likely do the same thing again to another person or hold her mother prisoner by making it hard for her to have a relationship with another man… Justice is so blind and so unfair… my fiance and his family didnt have the financial means to get fair representation  

    • David says:


      That is so sad, I don't know if you can and will wait for him, I did 96 months out of 108 months ( first offense ) all over internet files, its not like I was out tolling in a van looking for kids..sorry got off track…BUT I  saw many many guys have fiancee's saying they would wait for them..

      But, the sad reality time takes its toll on both parties when one is locked up.

      So, I hope and pray you and him are strong enough to last through this.

      Keep the faith and continue to fight and spread the word and if we all can band together we can do this…In Obama's famous words "Yes we can"

      • Destiny says:

        David Thank you for your reply. I am planning on waiting for this man. I have never met such a pure spirited, compassionate loving man as my fiance. I am never lonely enough to look for other men. We are just taking one day at a time. I visit him for 2 days once a month and we talk everyday and during winter months we will do video visits. We talk about what he hears and sees in prison when it comes to others relationships but while I’m waiting in the visiting room I meet women who have been waiting longer than I will have to and some who know their husbands will never come home but they still make the trip to visit and they still stand by their man. I’m strong enough to be that kind of woman.

      • Atilio says:

        It depends on what half-way house you go to and what area you are rerutning to, i.e. your place of conviction. Depends on the availability at the prisons RDAP, and half way house’s bed space. Some states like Oklahoma only allow one S.O. per half way house. So, talk with other SO’s upon your arrival at the prison, trust me if its an open compound you’ll find them soon enough. I can’t say enough about getting FREE education while you are incarcerated. Finding jobs right now is difficult, finding jobs for a S.O. is even harder. Look for industrial, manufacturing, and construction jobs. Many are looking for welders and machinists. Second ask your family to check your states SO registration requirements online (its easy). Last, if you have less than 5 yrs. and you don’t get a year off your sentence, don’t bother because you’ll have to take SO classes as soon as your released and while your under probation. Finally, it does get better my friend, God bless. You’ll need Him.

  10. Leslie Stokes says:

    Here it is again. Every news channel is once again discussing our nation's economic fiscal cliff. Where is the continued discussion of the Sandusky hearings that rocked the nation and the students of Penn State – the collateral damage. Where are the real journalists, the seekers of truth in 2013? Why didn't news teams dig into this arena where blatant hypocracy lies. A major catastrophe snowballed because one person, Jerry Sandusky, was convicted of inappropriate sexual conduct with many boys. Not only were the lives of those boys ruined, but also their families'. Imagine the anguish of those that were close yet clueless, like the single mothers who insistently pushed their sons against their will. What effect is this having on the students and athletes of Penn State that had nothing to do with Sandusky's behavior? Why should they be punished? Did no one delve deeper into this story to avoid the new Megan's Law issue? It is hard to believe America's elite journalists did not do more to relate these two controversial news worthy 'Pennsylvania' topics. The distance between the two cities is less than 90 miles, and SOR went into effect within months of Sandusky's sentencing.

    Were journalists afraid to uncover the true nature of the sexual offender registry? My loved one accepted a plea agreement and was placed on probation (with no registration requirements) because someone lied about her age; they met inside an adult night club where proper identification was required upon entry. Then to add insult to injury, if you will, because of this new SOR law, he has been forced to register as a sex offender. I appeal to the American journalists to report on the real victim here. He owned a small women's clothing store, but is now bankrupt. Once news spread of his registry requirements, business ceased immediately. Thought of the sexual offender registry frightened away his fiance and hopes of having a family. He has fallen into such deep depression and despair. My husband, children and I are in utter shock. Other family members that once looked up to him for strength, guidance and financial support  are in a state of disbelief. They fear any mistake could also send their life spiraling out of control, as quickly as it did his. He is now marked a 'criminal' for life.

    Journalists…here is a story of real people, victims, villans and true consequences. Report on this – Collateral or Punitive  

    • David says:

      Leslie,  It is ashame what happen, and I live not far from Penn State, and I got so sick og hearin Sandusky's name on the news for what 6 -12 straight every news cast.. And how they railroaded JoePa..And what the NCAA did to the future students of PSU..And I am now a tier 3 and instead of finishing my 10 years next year and trying to live peacefully till my death…I am now being punished because of this new law it will extend my punishment till my death UNLESS the news media and some brave lawyers take action and stand up and fight this…BUT who are we kidding ANYONE who stands up beside a sex offender IS THEN saw as a SICK person as well…SO therefore NO ONE wants to go against society or the Goverment and turn their lives upside down..UNLESS, the money is worth it…AND THIS is what the people that make and want these new laws to do they are counting on that stigma…to frighten away anyone that wants to help SO's

      Its a sad reality but this is what is happening and going to happen UNLESS we ALL can band together and fight this, AND then maybe just maybe some brave Attorney will stand beside us, and say ehy ENOUGH…this is wrong and to hell with it, I'm going to change it, BECAUSE there are ALOT of people on the registry that DON'T belong there..

      I pray to GOD that I win the powerball for hundred of millions of dollars, I would then fund the fight to end this and then some attorney IF HE INVESTED wisely could retire AFTER he won this..

      So Leslie and all who read this search this website for my posts and collect the information on how to fight this, and share it with your friends and get them involved if you can..

      Thank you

  11. Natalie says:

    My husband was falsly accused by his own son. He accused my husband when he was 5 then again a couple years later. Then I came into the picture and my husband and I were both accused back in 2009. Dcfs has unfounded the allegations but its rough. It may sound harsh but I wish my stepson would be punished. My stepsons mother enables him and believes everything he says. My stepson has since made false allegations against other people but it has ever been taken seriously by dcfs. My stepson is now 13 years old and I fear that he will continue to make allegations and I have 2 kids now and I fear that it will just take the 1 person to believe his lies and  my babies will be taken away 

    • Stressed Mom says:

      Yeah. My husband’s 16yr old who has been living with us for 6yrs accused him of sexual abuse. HE NEVER TOUCHED HER. No way. Now she’s still here, and I have 3 young kids that belong to my husband and I. And he’s out of the house until the “investigation” is over. What investigation, there is no freaking evidence. He gave his two kids everything. The older one, boy 18 and the birth mom coached her on everything. Where’s the 18yr old? I kicked him out – he’s with the dad actually. Why did they do this? Trying to extort money from us. The 18yr old admitted it!
      Mom wants them back and for us to pay child support. PROBLEM. She isn’t even in this country, poor, drug user, drunk, ect. Like 4 marriages and 7 kids. How the hell does that work? I told CPS that and they look AT ME like I’m crazy. We have an attorney, but its so hard living with her. I just want my step daughter out of my life. She does whatever she wants and if I say anything she complains to social worker, who shows up several times a week. I’m waiting for the opportunity to place her in a state group home and give up all parental rights. So my opinion, give him up to the state. Protect your other 2 kids.

  12. Missy says:

    My boyfriend went to jail for five years all because his half sister accused him of rape he plead guilty to sexual assault . Then she tells another sibling that she lied because she was jealous of him. He had no money for a lawyer so he had to use a pd. it's so much more to this story he needs help

  13. Karen DePaolantonio says:

    There also needs to be something put intpo place when young teenagers lie about thier age and consent to sex. Not everyone can tell how old kids are theses days they look older then they are . They should have to pay some consequence for thier actions instead of being able to ruin young mens lives. Also if you have proof that they were lying you should also be able to use it to defend yourself against the accussations which you are not allowed to do. Thuis is the only crime where you are not able to defend yourself against the charges which to me is unconstitutional.


  14. Phyllis says:

    It is really hard for me to say what I want done to the female who is a minor and has falsely accused to males one of them being my son of such a sick and evil crime.  The damage is unmeasureable that she has done.  We are still trying to get the charges dropped or lessened.  Children today are not children of yesterday.  There thoughts and mindset is totally different.  They are more kniving, unruly and have no respect for authority.  The parents in some cases are responsible and a lot of times are not.  Yes I wish this female would come forward and tell the truth, but we know she is not for she used the system to manipulate her family.  They now allow her to receive company 24/7.  She is a minor. Who allows a 15 year old girl's boyfriend to spend the night and take there daughter off all the time.  This is what she wanted and got at the expense of my son's reputation being marked.  I WANT JUSTICE FOR NONE WAS GIVEN TO MY SON, AND MY HEART WONT STOP HURTING!!!!!

    • Peg says:

      My son had the same thing happen to him. What really makes me angry is that this girl did the exact same thing to another man 6 months earlier. My son was told this by the officer that arrested him. But he couldn't do anything about it because justice is blind and the law has it that it could not be used or even mentioned in his case. So this girl ruin two men’s lives and who knows how many after them and nothing can be done. These guys did their time in jail but now have to be on Megan's Law for the rest of their lives because of this girl playing games. I hope that someday the law is changed to evaluate each case and take this kind of evidence into consideration when deciding if someone is guilty and has to go to jail or be on the Megan's Law webs site for ever.

    • Christina says:

      Phyllis what did you do about this or what was the outcome? My son is in the same situation right now.  He was arrested and put in jail a couple weeks ago. She claims it was against her will and the parents have lied as well. They allowed him to live with them in their house in her room. I am with you what type of sick parents allow this. He would not listen to me and now this is what it has come to.  I dont know what to do.

  15. Camille Ney says:

    Having a loved one who was falselya ccused, i agree. But i would add that I would want to see ANY adults who may be behind said false accusations, punished to the fullest extent.

    Many times children/teens are coerced and those doing the coercing should bear the brunt of the punishment

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