Pennsylvania Sex Offender Bill Flying Under the Radar

**Update 10/31/2012Read About the Final Law Here

There has been little media coverage regarding the negative effects that Pennsylvania senate bill 1183 and house bill 1958 will have on families across the state.  This bill is intended to put PA in conformity with the federal Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act, which will set national standards for sex offense laws.

The little media publicity this issue has been given has focused primarily upon two issues: 1) the bill will close loopholes that preclude certain out-of-state offenders, as well as homeless offenders from registering, and 2) the passage of the bill will prevent PA from losing 10% of its federal funding.

The truth, however, is that 1) the loophole issue is a fractional component of the bill, and 2) other states that have implemented SORNA provisions have determined that the amount of money they would have lost by not implementing SORNA would have been substantially less than the costs they incurred by implementing it.  Some states, such as Texas, have outright stated that they will not implement the provisions.  Texas called the AWA “one-size-fits-all” legislation that would cost 30 times the amount of federal funds that will be withheld if the state does not comply.

What are the real issues of the bill?  1) Hundreds of  Pennsylvania's will be forced to register as sex offenders (retroactively) even though they were not previously required to; and 2) individuals that have fulfilled their Megan's Law obligations will once again be "re-captured" and required to re-register.  The broader issue at hand perhaps is that the misinformed public wants to unconditionally eradicate sex offenders, and officials are more than happy to comply if it means more votes.

These new potential changes bring with them both ethical and constitutional issues.  First, the Megan's Law website will be flooded with individuals who do not pose a risk to our children.  For example, PA is considering adding "indecent exposure" and "corruption of a minor" as registrable offenses.  This means someone who was seen urinating in public by a child will be placed on the website next to serial child rapists and labeled as sex offender for at least 10 years.  Are these the types of people we want on the list?  What about the children of these people, who will be unnecessarily teased and bullied at school?

Secondly, the PA and US Constitutions have provisions that prevent an enhanced punishment for a crime from applying to individuals that committed the crime in the past, which is exactly what this new bill will do.  This issue has been raised in several states, and some of these states have declared the provisions of SORNA to be unconstitutional.  Tens of millions of tax payers' dollars were spent on appellate issues before the ruling occurred.  Some states, however, have ruled that sex offender registration is not punishment, and therefore the provisions of SORNA were constitutional.  It's hard to imagine anyone being able to say that being labeled as a sex offender and humiliated is not punishment.  There are many instances where individuals have committed suicide in lieu of having to register.

The take home message is that not all sex crimes are the same, and not all individuals that commit a sex crime are a threat to our children.  The public needs to be educated about these issues instead of being spoon fed myths and sensationalized stories by the media.  Many of the people that will be affected by these new laws have learned from their mistake, and have moved forward in creating a healthy and successful life for them and their families.  Applying these laws to these people will undoubtedly break their spirit and derail their future.  Most people are quick to judge anyone who has been convicted of a sex crime, until they or a loved one are accused and subjected to the draconian laws regarding these issues.

State v. Williams, Slip Opinion No. 2011-Ohio-3374
Ohio – "We conclude that S.B. 10, as applied to Williams and any other sex offender who committed an offense prior to the enactment of S.B. 10, violates Section 28, Article II of the Ohio Constitution, which prohibits the General Assembly from enacting retroactive laws".

John Doe v Supreme Court of Alaska No. 6290 – July 25, 2008
Alaska – "We conclude that it does because ASORA imposes burdens that have the
effect of adding punishment beyond what could be imposed when the crime was
If Virginia chose to comply with SORNA, the state would spend $12,097,000 more than it would if it chose not to implement SORNA and forfeit 10 percent of its yearly Byrne grant, a loss totaling approximately $400,000.
1) Ohio’s law has twice been declared unconstitutional, which opponents had warned would happen.
2) The funding the state stood to lose if it did not conform — typically hundreds of
thousands of dollars a year — has been offset by millions spent complying with the law and defending against thousands of lawsuits.
1) Other states have voiced concerns about the federal act’s requirements, including how it addresses retroactive punishment and that it seeks to include juveniles on the national registry.   Rep. Anne Haskell, D-Portland, a member of the Legislature’s Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee, said her problem with the Adam Walsh Act is that it treats all states the same.  “There is no flexibility built into it,” she said. “I understand that a percentage of [federal] grant money could be withheld, but full compliance would be much more expensive for Maine.”
For the three plaintiffs, the fallout has been substantial.

Plaintiff No. 1 said he's had people call his boss. "They were trying to get me fired in hopes of making me homeless," he said. He also said his wife has been harassed. People have asked her how she could be married to a sexual predator. He said his daughter has also been the target of verbal abuse.

Plaintiff No. 2 said he's lost his job. "After LB 285, I was let go from the job that I had," he said. "I've not been able to find work because I'm on the registry."

Plaintiff No. 3 said his family is paying the price. "My children are taunted at school," he said.  "Strangers, not even from the neighborhood, are approaching my house. My
wife was traumatized."

All three plaintiffs said the registry's rules are making them pay twice for their crimes and they said that's unconstitutional.
1) Many states don't want to change their laws; others believe the legislation's cost outweighs its predicted benefits, she said. Texas has put the estimated federal funding cuts at $1.4 million, compared to a cost of $38.7 million.

2) The California Sex Offender Management Board also recommended against implementing the provisions of the Adam Walsh Act, stating, "California state law and practice related to offender risk assessment, juvenile registration and sex offender monitoring is more consistent with evidence-based practice that can demonstrate real public safety outcomes."

3) The number of offenders on Wyoming's registry increased from 125 to 1,450 after the state moved from risk-based assessment to a tier system for registration, said Kevin R. Smith, deputy director of the state's Criminal Justice Information Services.

4) Critics say that using offense-based registration instead of an approach based on risk-assessment — favored by states like Texas and California — pulls too many offenders onto the registry and overburdens law enforcement, preventing police from keeping a close eye on the worst of the worst.

5) Some people would rather die than face a lifetime on the registry. One of those people, Roy Martin, hanged himself in his garage after learning he would be reclassified under Ohio's SB 10.

See also: Nebraska eyes impact of changes to sex offender registry

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22 Responses to Pennsylvania Sex Offender Bill Flying Under the Radar

  1. This whole witch hunt is really getting out of hand now!

  2. S M says:

    Oh my goodness! You said it all very well, B Free! Hope many more read about this outrageous injustice!

    Thanks for caring!

  3. S M says:

    I’m so sorry for you, sir! And I am so sick and tired of the Injustices to those who are labeled “sex offenders”! And it is STUPID and UNCARING and UNJUST to group them all together and put them on the Registry!!!!!!!!!! While other groups of offenses are protected by law, “sex offenders” are discriminated against and have their rights taken away!!!!!!!!!!! — those laws don’t protect them. I’m AMAZED at the mentality of people who don’t look at the facts and don’t think–they just let their emotions run wild without knowing the TRUTH! And, our lawmakers are included—-just out to get votes? Are they that stupid? I guess they are just going with the cries of an uninformed, panicked public! Of course we care about children! I don’t care what anyone says, these laws are WRONG! It is bad enough that many that are not threats are being punished further (and no one can tell me that it is not punishment!) Even if someone is a true offender of the worst, I’m sorry, EVERYONE HAS RIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are so many different scenarios and the public MUST be made aware!!!!!!! I am sick and tired of Rights being taken away from the so-called “sex offenders” (and that can mean someone who is not guilty and took a plea or someone who urinated in public or someone who had sex with underage person but got married and had kids, etc!) The wire tap laws are different for sex offenses, then u have the continued punishment of registry, hear-say laws are different, and oh yes, there doesn’t even have to be evidence!!!!!!! And there should be statue of limitations!!!! on and on and on and on!!! NEEDS to change!!!!! MUST STOP!!!!!!!!!! And even if someone is guilty , the sentences should not be outrageous!!! I’m just almost in shock at the thinking (or lack of it) in this society and especially in our law makers and leaders! UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! GOD HELP US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anyway, thanks for sharing and I am sorry for you and others who are victims of the so-called Justice System and hope that people like you who share your experiences will continue to make a difference—a HUGH Difference! I guess I don’t need to hope it will, it already does!!

    Thanks again and wish you well!


  4. mike says:

    Ok so now what? I’m in Pa. I’m an offender under the reporting law. I feel like I was just handed a life sentence without even being in a court room. I’m to file now every 90 days till the day I die? I’ve reformed my life. Jumped through every hoop set in front of me to prove myself. This should have been over in just a few more years. But now it will never. Is anyone going to fight this? Is there any way for relief? Any way to make this go away? What ever happened to defending Rights in the US? I have none now, and now hope for the future. A death sentence would’ve been better. So God forbid anyone saw the error of their ways and did everything to change their life and behavior, there is no reason to now. Politicians just stole hope away and kicked those who are already considered lepers in the teeth. And for what? So their next political opponent doesn’t have a club to beat them over the head with next election. I’m still a human being, with a family that’s in danger because of this law. But our rights mean nothing. I’ll just be told once again that its all my fault and to shut up and go away. So thanks Mr.Politician, you just made being dead preferable to trying to carry on. Thanks Government, you just made death my only escape from you. I hope you’re all happy now. Congrats, Stalin would be proud of you since even communist Scum never thought of this brand of Police State nonsense. If anybody is going to fight this and not give up I’d love to hear about it. Otherwise I’m just giving up on everything and will start planning my demise. MCK

    • FK says:

      Dear Mike,
      I feel for you and know what you are going through. I am proud of you for reforming yourself and getting on with your life. You should be proud of yourself too! We all make mistakes and get involved in situations that are unfortunate for everyone involved. I know that you are frustrated with the system, so am I and have been for years. This whole sex offender thing is way out of control in our society today. The news media has portrayed someone with a sex offense as someone who is pure evil and could never be rehabilitated. The thing that is most puzzling to me is that there seems to be no rehabilitation for most. Anytime there is a place that tries to open up that rehabilitates sex offenders, there is so much public outcry against it, they shut it down. I think that it is time that people know the truth that not all sex offenders are bad people. Society wants to throw everyone in the same category and not everyone belongs in that category.
      I would suggest that you concentrate on the good things that you have accomplished in your life and continue in a positive direction as best you can. I am sure that you have friends and family that love you and want to see you do well. By ending it all, you have let the enemy win because that is what these people want. There is nothing more satisfying to these people than to see a sex offender kill themselves. I challenge you to prove them wrong! I don’t know you but I am sure that you are basically a very good person and have a lot to contribute. I don’t know if you are a Christian man or not but I would suggest seeking out a good bible based church in your area. Read the bible and seek out the Lord Jesus Christ, you will find peace with him, I have. We have all sinned and the person that tells you that they have not is a liar. People today do not want to forgive but they forget or don’t want to admit that they have sinned and made mistakes themselves. Remember that most people that don’t have a criminal record never got caught.
      We also have to keep up the fight against this injustice that is being done because if they win against sex offenders, who will be next? I think that the basis behind most of this is that they are laying the ground work for further repression of other groups of people that they consider enemy’s of the state. Who will be next is the question, the Jews, the Christians, the alcoholics, drug addicts, thieves, murderers, someone that disagrees with the government? The crazy thing is that murder today is a lesser offense than a sex offender. If you murder someone, you don’t have to register as a murderer for everyone to see. At least when your sentence is done, you can resume some sort of life with privacy.
      Hopefully something will be done to give people a second chance that deserve it.

    • Bo says:


                Your situation is a lot like mine is right now. I was charged in NY with a misdemeanor and was told by the judge in NY at the time of my sentence which was 4 weekends work detail that I would never have to sign up for megans law. Then 5 years after my sentence in Ny ws done an over with PA tells me I have to sign up for 10 years. Now with this new law I am a tier 3 and have to sign up every 3 months for the rest of my life also. It's like I have been punished twice for the same crime an my punishment my as well be the death sentence because I cant get a job to support myself. I live with my girlfriend who thank GOD loves me enough to try to support me as best she can. Also, she has an 18 year old an a 15 year old that live with us an have since they were 15 and 12. I also have friends and family thank GOD again for that but they trust thier kids lives with me without a second thought. I can't keep relying on my girlfriend, family, and my friends to keep trying to support though it isnt fair to any of them. At this point I am just ready to give up an take off because I feel like they are being punished for no reason at all. But, something has to be done about this megans law shit!!! I mean don't get me wrong I beleive megans law could be a good thing if it was being used properly but now they are just taking it way out of proportion. Anyways, I am prepared at this point to go to the media, press whatever I have to to get this out in the public. My problem is I can't do it alone though. I don't think the public will listen to just one of us. We have got to get a bunch of us together somehow to try to fight this. I put my e-mail in here so that you could get in touch with me if you want to. I'm not sure if e-mail shows up on this site or not so I will check back here perodically to see if you have seen or read this. Hope this finds you still well an in the fight.

                                                     Thanks for reading 


      • David says:

        Hi, Bo

        I feel the same way as you do even though I am disabled now and able to exist in a small way on what I get every month..

        I also thought about going out into the media and shedding some light on this, but, then I fear that it will bring down unwanted attention to me, so I get scared as I don't have many friends and no family to give me moral support.

        But, maybe if a bunch of us was to get together and stand up it might give me the strength to endure..


      • Jim says:


        I am in a similar situation as you are. I was charged in Ohio and given a 10 year megan's law registration period in 2004. I am almost finished with it yet the state of PA says i am now a tier 3 lifer. however the kicker is that my offense is not categorized under sexually violent predator and only under offender. however, since the state of PA does not have the charge i pled on in Ohio on their laws, they equate it to something similar. here is where it gets confusing. the state of PA can not by law change me to a sexually violent predator because it would have to go through their court system and since it happened in Ohio they cant do it. The state of PA is basically saying I am a level 3 sexually violent predator but they cant change my status so i remain an offender but they are still making me register as a tier 3. where is the logic in that? what i was charged with in Ohio is something called Attempted Importuning which basically is talking to someone online underage. The state of PA does not have this particular offense in its laws so they have turned around and categorized what i did as Statutory Sexual Conduct or something like that which is a tier 3 sexually violent predator offense. oh and by the way, the judge in my case labeled me as a tier 1 low level non-repeat offender. the judge did not want to give me any sentence but because the "victim's" mother threw a fit, the judge had to give me something. i basically got a slap on the wristbut like i said, the state can not legally classify me as a violent predator. so please tell me how that is fair? what i have been told by a lawyer in ohio is that when my 10 years are up, i can submit to the court where i was charged in ohio for a document that states i have fulfilled my duties to register and have been released. he told me that by law when i have that document, i can not be forced to register in any state anymore. so that is something i would look in to if i were you.

        • Open says:

          My son was recently seeennctd to 15 years for production even though he never shared or disseminated photos and didn’t molest. His sister set up a blog for friends and family. He mails me a post once a week, I type it and email it to her and she posts it. People can leave comments, which she prints and mails to him. It works well for keeping in touch. If your boyfriend is only in a holding facility and not in an actual prison yet, he should ask to be sent to one that has a sex offender management program. Those facilities have a higher percentage of SOs and are therefore safer. Pick the one closest to you or his family. Or Springfield, MO is considered pretty safe, assuming he’ll be in a low or minimum security facility. Hang in there. I hope he has the support of his family.

  5. B Free says:


    I totally understand what your going through, and there has been a lot of movement in our society toward fighting these unfair laws. I highly recommend that you and people that you know contact the Pennsylvania chapter of RSOL (reform sex offender laws). Their email is They are currently working toward appealing PA’s new laws, and are looking for people to contribute to the fight.

  6. Chelsea says:

    My husband is a convicted sex offender, but is not a pervert. He was punished for having a teenage relationship with another teenager back in ’95. He is currently in prison for “Failure to Register as a Sex Offender”. He received 3 years for this “offense”. I understand why society would want to know who is a sex offender, but why don’t murderers have to register? Why don’t identity thieves have to register? Why don’t drug dealers have to register? It is a life sentence. Society has taken this thing too far. All s.o.’s should have a chance to have their cases re-examined by a judge and have a clean record if the courts see fit. It is almost impossible to find any job and be a productive member of society when no one will give you a chance. The government is setting these people up to fail over and over again. I am saving up the money to have his case re-examined and for the opportunity to have his record cleaned. I love my husband, and I will stand by him no matter what. I pray you find some releif in all this.

  7. Eugene says:

    I have recently finished nearly 16 years (inside), and am completely free of all Judicial obligations. I was NEVER advised that the Laws required this kind of LIFETIME sentence, nor did any but the most rudimentary reregistration laws exist back in 1995 as they affected the military.

    I am amazed that more attorneys have not attacked pleas, (where the defendant has completed the sentence), on the grounds of Collateral Consequences. Especially in those States where the Voting rights are taken away FOREVER, or by extra Judaical means one can be labeled a predator. Not to mention the additional burden on the economic consequences that differ from that of patently more serious crimes. Say, Treason, Multiple DUI murder, shall I go on??

    Should there be an Attorney that wishes to really hammer the system and make the prosecutors do their job right the first time (ie we have rights and they should be properly applied) please let e know and we can discuss the finer points. I have had a little time to study this.

    To any body out there looking at the possibility of prosecution. MAKE them prove it. No I do not mean necessarily go to trial, but find out the Discovery, have Your attorney do everything to discover what the prosecution has, not just the threats. Remember if you confess do it to a catholic priest, not to a cop. If you tell you Attorney something Yes He/She keeps is privileged but you can not make ANY statement that they know to be false. Also do not let them be surprised. ***** When You Plea YOU GIVE UP RIGHTS****

    I can go on and on but this is not the place.

  8. Nakohichi says:

    I’m in Florida but moving to Philly to set up residency for my son who is now in Federal prison FL for 30 months, 15 years probation and a lifetime on the registry for accidentally downloading cp (child porn) thru Limewire. We have the proof yet he had to take a plea or get charged upped and possibly more jail time. I belong to an organization who is out to fight the battle everywhere and, especially in PA. We have a lawyer handy but not enough money for his retainer. We can fight and win this but we need help. Nakohichi

  9. B Free says:

    Child porn sentences are disproportionate with all other crimes, even murder. Law enforcement should use their resources to remove the porn instead of waiting for someone to download it and arresting them. I beleive internet pornography is the main culprit that leads people into experiencing other, more deviant types of porn such as child porn.

    • S M says:

      Yes, it is true! I support the RSOL. I can’t comprehend how such unjust laws can be made and enforced! Incredible! I’m hopeful, though, that legal officials and law makers, etc, will see the errors in the laws! They MUST! It is discrimination and is unconstitutional! That is clear! Cases can’t be lumped together for sure! Sentences MUST be proportionate to crimes.

      Thanks for your work in fighting the injustice!


  10. Jennifer says:

    This is by far the craziest and outrageous idea this government has come up with yet. Megan’s Law was sent in place for a person who has acted in a sexually deviant way towards another person. That person is given a set amount of time that they have to be listed as a sex offender. Now this new law is being set into place and those who didn’t sexually offend another person is being place on the same law as one who has. Those who have are being told that they have to do the amount of time on this new list after doing the mouth they already have done on Megan’s Law. Not only is that making a person who has not done something as wrong as sexual abusing another person look as they have but it is always making those who are serving a punishment for the crime they are already being punished for twice.

                    Say a girl tells a guy 18 year old guy she is 18 or older and her parents don’t want her dating this guy so they have him charged with corruption of a minor and it is proven this girl lied about her age. The parents drop the charges and the state picks them up. In another case a person is under 18 and asks someone to walk into the store and get them cigarettes lying about their age and saying they forgot their ID at home. Again the other person gets charged with corruption of a minor. Just as well goes for buying alcohol or selling drugs to a person under the age of 18 or 21. Now because these people who have done this are on probation they must register on this new law. A law in which they are having sex offenders register and re-register on as well. So in turn those who are not sex offenders are going to be looked at by everyone else in society as if they are. There for the people being charged should not be listed in the same group. If there is a law to be made to show a person is not to be trusted with a minor so be it but don’t list them with a person who could have raped a 50 year old person.        

                    Now let’s look at the fact that a lot of these people have served part of their punishment already. Last time I checked when a person is punished for a crime and they have done part of the term they are not able to be re-punished for this same crime unless there is new evidence showing that there was really more to the case then what was found to be in the first place. To have someone serve any of their punishment on one law such as Megan’s Law, and change it well they are serving that time they should not have to start over. It should pick up right where this person is at on their punishment if that is not possible they should not have to be changed over.

                     I feel that there are way too many problems with gray areas of this new Law or act that need to be thought more clearly about. There is nothing right or just about the terms or conditions to this law; mind you this is coming from a mother of two children, one a seven year old boy and the other a three year old girl, as well as a person who has never been charged with a corruption of a minor or being listed as a sex offender.

    For those of you who have been charged with any of this I am sorry you are dealing with all of this, keep your heads up and know there are people out there who understand where you are all coming from when it comes to this fight you are facing.

  11. Steven Harclerode says:

    I agree with everyone on this so called new law they want to place.

    I hate to say it but I went through this crap 8 yrs. ago or so.

    Without going into details, the other party started this due to me getting in the road of what they wanted to do instead of follow rules so to speak. The next day after charges was filled the other party went and tried to drop them. The state wouldn't let it happen. For a year I was back and forth courts and more.Day of trial came about and the other party didn't want to testify. The other party actually run from the court when asked to take the stand. The DA stopped the other party and gave the paper with the charges on and said to read it. Talk about a load of crap just to make this stick and not make the state look like doo doo..

     Before the court was over the other party talked it out with the DA not to continue. With respect for the other party and not to have any more pressure put on. I took the deal the DA gave on the nod of my lawyer.. I received 10 yrs probation, no megan law register, and was aloud to back around the family and more..I was a happy person again due to I could spend time with the family and more again after a year of crap.

     Recently it came to my attention that the state put me on a dangerous list with new rules to follow. This is 4 to 5 yrs after I was sentenced with probation. The big one I am pissed off about is" No underage people aloud on my property". Now what the hell is this crap.. I not only don't get to see my grand daughter, grand son or half of my relations due to I don't want my PO. knocking at the door and I am breaking the rules… This is the part that hurts the most. From this new my step daughter and her other seperated. Custody battle started over the grand daughter. I was used as a padding over this new rule sheet put on me for his defense to gain a foot hold on the custody. It worked. My daughter lost custody of her own child due to this. I feel like this is my fault now.

     With this new rules put on me. The father of the grand daughter made sure he told everyone and anyone. Since then I have lost other people in that family I used to talk to, been harased over net, harased at my work and even paint bombed my place of buisness. I thought this was over when Istarted rebuilding my life 8 yrs ago. I made it so far and got shot back again along with the family and people that assosiate with me. I had to buy cameras and more just to keep my family and me safe and my buisness safe because of what the state put on me because my conditions didn't meet thier spesifications..My conditions was set 8 yrs ago. Just because the rules changed that don't mean you need to change my set conditions and screw up my life again. I was judged by those conditions and that should be the finall ruling. Not years afterward..

         Now with this new law my life is totally screwed and have to try to start over again.. Can I see my family and friends go through this again… NO….. I can't.        We was hurt already enough by this,and can't see anyone going through this for a third time.. I only have 2 yrs to go on probation, In those years I have seen my family became stronger and found out who my true friends was. I have hardly went anywhere out of my area for 8 yrs. Followed the rules to a T. I even called my PO if I got a speeding ticket… I am a people person and have been in the public eye as long as I can remember . Knowing lots of people all over through my family and people I have met over the years traveling to different areas when we would go on road trips. This will just put all of this over the edge just seeing the family and others go through the badgering, looked at funny, harassment, and more all over again…

     The ones who have been sentenced already through the years, the ones almost time served if not dangerouse people, and the other crimes they mentioned does not need to be put on this list… The dangerous ones need be. I can see this part. But the everyday joe that has no problems. I can't see ruining the life the fought to rebuild.. If it was meant to be the court would have so stated it when the crimes happened. I have 2 yrs left and not looking foward to this at all.. I was ready to get back on with my life after 2 years and started doing what the family done before this started years ago. We use to get in the vehicle on a sunday and go for a drive, look for stainless diners and more. I wanted to do that again but this is going to put a hurt on family time for the rest of the life…  

       All I can say is… I was judged, I was givin my sentence, I followed your rules even before this went  down, I have almost served my sentence, I rebuilt most things in my life twice, The people around me and family are stronger than ever again.

  12. Eric says:

    I have been on megans law since i was 15(2001). I am now 28 and my life is in shambles. I am living on the street and no one will give me a job. I feel as if there is no reason for me to continue living. I just dont know what to do anymore. It happened in new jersey and now im in pennsylvania. Why cant i be apart of society and live a normal life!!!!!

  13. Jim says:

    i just got a notifcation today from the state police of pa that my registration tier is going from a 1 to a 3. this is absolutely unbelievable. the offense i commited was first out of state in Ohio. the judge in the case ruled i was a low level 1 non-repeat offender. it was ruled i WAS NOT a sexually violent predator nor a repeat offender. furthermore the charge was a misdemeanor and NOT a felony. and it was an attempted charge at that. basically i got a slap on the wrist because thats what it was and thats what both parties agreed to and was granted by the judge only 10 years of registration. now the state of PA says that somehow what i did was a sexually violent offense and im now going to be classified in the same category as rapists and incest and kidnappers. this is very unconstitutional. the state is basically not only changing my tier but is also changing the entire conviction which I realize didnt happen in the state of PA but they have a duty to recognize what the order of judgement that was handed down to me in Ohio. i have a wife and a beautiful 2 year old daughter and have done everything i can to try to put this behind one mistake behind me and finish out my registration but everytime i do, something new pops up and this is just going to destroy any hopes i have of being rid of this forever. this was my first offense and have not had any other convictions at all since then.

  14. B Free says:

    If you will be negatively affected by these new laws, we suggest that you contact the Pennsylvania chapter of RSOL (reform sex offender laws) to join the fight, and/or contact the Pennsylvania ACLU to learn about any current appeals that may be planned.

  15. Jim says:

    i think i found out where the loophole is..  i was reading what tier 3 offenses are and the last one says 2 or more convictions of either tier 1 or 2.. i pled guilty to 2 counts of the same minor offense. so because i was convicted on 2 counts of a non-violent offense, i am now considered a sexually violent predator. so unjustly unfair. meanwhile there are murderers and rapists and people worse than me walking the streets and im being branded as one for adhering to what my sentence was.

  16. Lorr says:

    The greedy politicians strike again in PA. Passing this retroactive law does nothing for safety. Its merely a way for politicians to distract us from the economy, jobs etc,you know the real issues. Instead of doing their job, they want to pass emotional laden costly laws that do nothing than pick on a group that is trying to right their wrongs and make a life for themselves. Everyone should have a second chance. You never see dirty politicians treated this way.

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