What To Do If You Are Arrested

Facing an arrest is a shocking and emotionally devastating experience. There is the humiliation of being taken into custody followed by the fear and confusion over what will happen to you next. It is in this distressed state that you are required to make some of the most important decisions of your life.

Many defendants make the mistake of trying to prove their innocence to the arresting officer. They feel that if they are friendly to law enforcement and cooperate with the investigation, this will all go away.

Do not make this mistake! It is crucial not to speak to anyone under any circumstances until you have legal representation. The prosecution is not interested in protecting your rights or even in enforcing fairness. Their single interest is in getting a conviction, and you would be surprised by the tactics that they can legally use to build a case against you.

Get Started on Your Defense Early

If you have been arrested, chances are that the prosecution has already been building a case against you for quite some time without your knowledge. An arrest typically occurs only when law enforcement feels that they have enough evidence to convict you. So, they already have a significant head start over you in your case.

This is why it is so important to act quickly and aggressively at building your defense. If the prosecution sees you mount a strong defense early in your case, they are much more likely to drop the charges or otherwise seek a pre-trial resolution. The stronger your defense, the more difficult it will be for the prosecution to win a conviction.

Understanding and Asserting Your Rights

The U.S. Constitution guarantees you many rights that are crucial to your defense. We often take for granted that the government will protect your rights, but the fact is that the burden of protecting these rights falls on the accused.

From watching movies and television shows, most people are familiar with the "Miranda Rights" that arresting officers will read to defendants. However, there is a great deal that is not read to you that a qualified defense attorney can use effectively to protect your freedom. The following is just a small sample of these rights.

The Right to Legal Representation.

Do not let anyone convince you to speak to anyone about your case — not even friends, relatives or codefendants — without your attorney present. This is one of the most common mistakes made by defendants. You will end up going through the entire pre-trial process without representation, an utterly foolish act. One of the main benefits of early counsel is the possibility of avoiding the trial process entirely. Additionally, you have the right to a fair and speedy trial by a jury of your peers. You have the right to be provided with a written statement of all charges against you along with the evidence gathered by law enforcement in support of these charges.

You have the right to remain silent as well as to testify on your own behalf. You have the right to cross-examine witnesses and even to use the court's subpoena power to compel witnesses to testify.

Law enforcement routinely violates your rights, often without paying any penalty. More importantly, it can resort to trickery, deceipt and outright lies throughout the investigative process. There is no substitute for an experienced criminal defense attorney to protect your rights and build your defense in this early stage of your case.

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