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If you or a person you know has been or could be charged with a sexual offense in Maryland such as Rape, Sexual offense in the 3rd or 4th degree, Sexual abuse of a minor or other sex offense, do not panic and please read how we can help. Our Maryland law firm is unique in that we specialize exclusively in defending individuals who have been accused of sexual crimes against adults and particularly against minors.

Our specializing in this area of law as well as our “team approach” enables us to provide the level of legal defense that is often necessary to overcome the zeal and expertise of Maryland’s sex crime prosecutors. Also known as “state’s attorneys,” said prosecutors are often assigned solely to sex crimes cases and work as a team; therefore, their expertise and team approach presents a formidable challenge to any defense attorney. Choosing the sex crime defense attorney(s) who is going to stand between you and the state’s attorneys in charge of your case is one of the most impactful decisions you will ever make.

Meet Attorney Tom Pavlinic

Should you chose Premier Defense Group to undertake your legal representation, your lead defense lawyer will be Attorney Tom Pavlinic, who is a nationally recognized sex crimes trial attorney with over 40 years of experience in over 25 states. Attorney Pavlinic resides locally in Annapolis, Maryland where he began his specialized law practice in the early 90’s.

Prior to shifting the focus of his general criminal defense law practice solely to sex crimes defense, Attorney Tom Pavlinic began to realize how incredibly challenging it was becoming to adequately defend clients facing allegations of sexual crimes. This was because 1) laws were being amended to give “victims” (especially children) special legal privileges; 2) prosecutors were being given essentially unlimited budgets to prosecute such crimes; 3) prosecutors were developing specialized skill sets in sex crimes prosecution; and 4) an atmosphere of “guilty unless proven innocent” seemed to be developing inside and outside of courtrooms.

As a result of this awareness, Tom decided to form and lead a criminal defense law firm that would focus exclusively on sex crimes defense. Since then, the expertise he has developed throughout his decades of representing clients facing such charges has made Premier Defense Group one of the nation’s top sex crimes criminal defense law firms.

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Maryland sex crimes lawyerBecause Attorney Tom Pavlinic has the ability to be admitted as defense counsel pro hac vice in any state in the U.S., he has tried cases throughout the county. However, Premier Defense Group’s headquarters is located in Anne Arundel County, Annapolis, Maryland, which is a true blessing for anyone facing sex crime charges in Maryland. Tom has practiced law in Maryland for over 40 years, has navigated the court system in nearly every jurisdiction in the state, and is widely known by state’s attorneys and judges. He has resolved numerous cases in Montgomery County and Prince George’s County, MD.

Depending upon your preference, Attorney Pavlinic can be the sole defense lawyer in your representation, or can (and often does) work in conjunction with another seasoned Group sex crime lawyer or other local lawyer in order to bolster your defense. Tom works only with attorneys who are well-known and highly respected in their local jurisdictions. Together, an incredibly effective team is created whereby Tom’s sex crimes expertise and local counsel’s jurisdictional law expertise come together. It is important to understand that Tom is always the lead defense attorney who will represent you throughout your case and at trial should one be necessary.


Sex crime cases are very unique, and therefore require a defense attorney who has encountered and developed a thorough understanding of the obstacles that make such cases so challenging. One cannot overstate the importance of hiring legal counsel who routinely represents individuals charged with sexual offenses, particularly those against children.

Among the unique obstacles that such cases present is Maryland’s law which contains numerous legal exceptions that apply specifically to crimes of a sexual nature, particularly those involving minors – these exceptions are prosecutors’ most powerful weapons, and are sometimes allowed liberally or erroneously. Such exceptions include the “Rape Shield Law” (§ 3-319), “Sexual Propensity Exception” (Rule 5-404; see also Thompson v. State, 412 Md. 497), “Child Hearsay Exception” (§ 11-304), “Prompt Complaint of Sexually Assault Behavior” (Rule 5-802.1(d)), “Expanded Indictment Exception (see Harmony v. State, 88 Md. App. 306), and “Wire Tap Exception” (§ 10-402(c)(2)(ii)).

Additionally, an understanding of specific legal statutes alone is insufficient to prevail at a trial, should the case not be resolved at an earlier stage. The necessity of sex crimes expertise extends into other aspects of a case such as voir dire during jury selection; witness selection and preparation; demeanor and methodology during cross examination of alleged “sexual victims,” particularly children; inclusion of Defense medical and psychological experts; exclusion of prejudicial evidence; and a comprehensive yet effective closing argument delivery.


It is generally understood among lawyers that due to the complexity, difficulty and conviction consequences of sex crimes cases, one’s attorney should ethically attempt to resolve such cases should an acceptable plea bargain be offered. While this is true, an “acceptable” plea bargain often cannot be agreed upon. It is especially in these instances that the Accused should seek the representation of a seasoned trial attorney such as Attorney Tom Pavlinic.

Some of our clients have come to us after getting a gut feeling that their current attorney just did not seem to have a proper understanding of the scope of their case, and/or was pressuring them into taking a questionable plea deal. This feeling tends to approach as the trial date approaches. While obtaining more-suitable counsel is always advised, making the right decision from the onset of your case is best.


If you have been charged in Maryland with Rape, Sexual offense in the 3rd or 4th degree, Sexual abuse of a minor, Continuing course of conduct with child, or any other sex crime please do not hesitate to contact our office. Do not wait with the hope that the accusations will fade. You must immediately speak to a lawyer who has an expertise in this area of law in order to avoid making common mistakes. You may call 24 hours/7 days a week at 800-993-0632 or SECURELY EMAIL US for a free, confidential legal consultation. Our office is located at 1906 Towne Centre Boulevard, Suite 265; Annapolis, Maryland.


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