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You are likely researching our website because either you or someone dear to you has been accused of committing a sexual crime against a child or adult. Such crimes are generally referred to as sexual abuse, child molestation or sexual assault.

Given the view of today’s society on these types of offenses you are probably (and understandably) overwhelmed with fear and uncertainty. “How could this happen?” “Will I lose my job?” “Will I go to prison?” We understand exactly what you are going through because our sole focus is defending individuals who are in your very situation.

Focusing Exclusively on Defending Individuals Against Accusations of Sexual Crimes

Premier Defense Group is dedicated entirely to defending individuals who have been accused of committing sex crimes, primarily those involving alleged child victims. Attorney Tom Pavlinic is the founder and lead attorney for the Group, and has spent the last 25+ years defending individuals only in cases involving alleged sexual crimes.

Additionally, Tom is joined by select criminal defense lawyers licensed in states across the country who work jointly as local counsel with Tom in sex crimes cases. This “team approach” gives Attorney Pavlinic the ability to represent clients in any state where he is needed and creates a powerful defense team for each client.  No matter where you reside, Tom and his experienced team of sex crime lawyers can help you.

Using this “team approach,” Attorney Tom Pavlinic has successfully defended the accused in 14 states across the county.

Premier Defense Group Attorneys

First Row – Tom Pavlinic (Lead Counsel), Nellie King, Richard Finci, Ryan M. Cardoso, Patrick Jennings, Mark M. Mack, Jeff Coale

Second Row  – Maria Mena, Heather Barbieri, Matthew Clark, Jim Wronko, Ronald D. Philipps, Melinda R. Glaubke, Melanie Morgan

Choosing the Right Attorney for Your Case

Being accused of sexual assault or sexual abuse is a painful experience, especially if the alleged victim is a family member. Unfortunately it’s not always evident why children and minors make false accusations of sexual abuse, but history (and our experience) has certainly shown that they do. One only needs to view the The National Registry of Exonerations to learn that innocent people can be convicted of sex crimes without proper legal counsel.

When the stakes are this high, nothing in life matters more than obtaining the most suitable legal defense that can be made available to you. Cases involving alleged sex crimes, especially against minors or children, can present inherently complex and sometimes unique legal challenges. Furthermore, should a trial be required to prove your innocence you will likely be facing a team of two prosecutors who are routinely assigned to these specific types of cases.

Experience-Driven, Team Approach to Overcoming Sex Crime Charges

In an effort to convict the accused, prosecutors in sex crimes cases often employ a highly effective approach that incorporates both team effort and specialized experience. Fortunately for Tom’s clients, this is the same approach that he utilizes when defending his clients.

Tom’s extensive experience with these specific types of cases is what makes him unique. Having successfully defended clients in 14 states across the country as well as in military courts, he knows what challenges to expect and is able to overcome or minimize them prior to trial, as well as during trial.

Tom and co-counsel defending a client at trial.

Tom and local counsel, Belinda Haynie, defend a WV magistrate against false accusations of sexual abuse. Click the image to see the case result.

Additionally, the local Group lawyer who works jointly with Tom is equally important. Each Group criminal lawyer who works as a team with Tom is highly experienced with the applicable laws that govern his or her local jurisdiction. Together, Tom and local counsel combine their experience and advocate for their client with sincerity, passion and assertiveness. Attorney Tom Pavlinic is always the lead attorney in each case regardless of the jurisdiction.

What are the Possible Outcomes for Your Case?

In the end, all that matters is achieving the best possible outcome for your case. Because each client’s case is different and presents its own balance of strengths and weaknesses, there are four basic methods of resolving each case that can be explored.

CHARGES NOT FILED: When possible, PDG becomes involved at the very outset of a law enforcement investigation. Providing certain information at this stage has and can lead to a decision being made to not file charges.

CASE DISMISSAL: If charges have been filed, the goal in any sex crimes case is to have the case dismissed. Therefore, a thorough pre-trial investigation is conducted which can involve private investigation, depositions and pre-trial taint hearings. Several of PDG’s cases have been dismissed as a result of this undertaking (see Commonwealth v. J.M., 2023; State v. W.A., 2023; and Court Martial, 2018 in our case results.)

PLEA BARGAIN: Should a client desire to explore the possibility of reaching an acceptable plea bargain, PDG will negotiate with the prosecution after assessing the strengths of the client’s case and the weaknesses of the prosecution’s case.

NOT-GUILTY BY TRIAL: Should a client’s case proceed to trial, he will be directly represented by two defense lawyers: Tom and a local co-counsel lawyer. Exhaustive pre-trial preparations will be conducted. As trial commences, both lawyers will work in tandem and underscore every piece of evidence that raises reasonable doubt and gives rise to explanations as to why the allegations might have arisen.

A thorough review of our case results will make evident the level of preparation, commitment and legal savvy that each of our cases receives.

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