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Defending Individuals Charged with Sex Crimes

Premier Defense Group is dedicated entirely to defending individuals who have been charged with sex crimes. Attorney Tom Pavlinic is the founder and lead defense attorney for the Group. Tom has a total of 45 years of criminal defense experience, and has spent the last 20+ years defending individuals in multiple states who have been accused of committing sexual crimes, primarily those involving minor and child complainants.

Additionally, Tom is joined by select criminal defense lawyers licensed in states across the country. These Group lawyers maintain their own independent law firms, but work as local counsel with Tom in sex crimes cases when such cases are in their respective jurisdictions. This “team approach” allows Tom to jointly represent clients as pro hac vice counsel in any state and creates a powerful defense team for clients.

Shown below are Tom Pavlinic (lead attorney) and Group lawyers licensed in multiple states who work as local counsel with Tom. To see how this approach has benefited past clients in 14 states, please review our results page.

Premier Defense Group Attorneys

First Row [Attorney’s Name (Licensed in)] – Tom Pavlinic, Lead Counsel (Maryland), Nellie King (Florida), Richard Finci (Maryland, D.C.), Ryan M. Cardoso (Florida), Patrick Jennings (New York, New Jersey), Mark M. Mack (Pennsylvania), Jeff Coale (Virginia)

Second Row  – Maria Mena (Maryland), Heather Barbieri (Texas), Matthew Clark (West Virginia), Jim Wronko (New Jersey), Ronald D. Philipps (Delaware), Melinda R. Glaubke (Virginia), Melanie Morgan (Kansas)

Have You Been Accused of Committing a Sex Crime?

Do not lose hope if you have been accused of committing a sexual crime against a child, minor or adult. Anyone can accuse anyone of anything, but simply being accused or even charged does not mean that you will be stripped of your freedom and labeled a sex offender. Guilt must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt to a judge or jury, should a trial be necessary.

Regardless of how innocent you actually are, however, both the likelihood of a case dismissal and a judge’s or jury’s verdict as to innocence or guilt are driven by how well your attorney argues the applicable laws, the “evidence” against you, and your side of the story. One only needs to view the The National Registry of Exonerations to learn that innocent people can indeed be convicted of sex crimes based upon a false accusation.

If convicted for a charge of sexual assault or rape (especially if the alleged victim is a child), severe penalties such as a mandatory minimum prison sentence, or even a mandatory life prison sentence could be imposed. When the stakes are this high, receiving an experience-driven legal defense from a skilled sex crimes lawyer is of paramount importance.

Experienced Sex Crimes Attorneys with Proven Results

Like other types of cases, those involving alleged sex crimes can present inherent and unique legal challenges to defense attorneys, especially in cases involving child complainants. The prosecutor who will be tasked with convicting you will likely be experienced with these specific types of cases. The same should be true for the attorney in charge of defending you.

For the last two decades Attorney Tom Pavlinic has focused 100% on defending clients charged with sexual assault, rape and child sexual abuse. Having been involved in so many such cases across the country, Tom knows what legal challenges to expect, and how to overcome or minimize them prior to trial and during trial. To date, he has obtained 45 successful case results in 14 states for his clients.

While working independently as well as jointly with local Group attorneys in sex crimes cases, Attorney Pavlinic has thus far achieved 26 not-guilty verdicts, 12 case dismissals, and 7 non-registration pleas.

Tom and co-counsel defending a client at trial.

Tom Pavlinic (lead counsel) and Belinda Haynie (local counsel) defend a WV magistrate against false accusations of sexual abuse. Click the image to see the case result.

Achieving a Desirable Outcome for Each Client

In the end, all that matters is achieving the best possible outcome for each client. Because each client’s case is different and presents its own balance of strengths and weaknesses, there are three basic methods of resolving each case that can be explored.

CASE DISMISSAL: Although Tom is veteran trial attorney, his foremost goal in any sex crimes case is to have the case dismissed. Therefore, a thorough pre-trial investigation is conducted from the very outset of each case, which can involve private investigation, depositions and pre-trial taint hearings. In 2018, two of his clients’ cases were dismissed as a result of this undertaking (see State v. T.R., 2018; and Court Martial, 2018 in our case results.)

PLEA BARGAIN: Should a client desire to explore the possibility of reaching an acceptable plea bargain, Tom will negotiate with the prosecution after assessing the strengths of the client’s case and the weaknesses of the prosecution’s case. However, he will always carefully advise the client as to the pros and cons of forfeiting his constitutional right to a trial. Generally, Tom does not endorse plea deals that involve prolonged sex offender registration.

NOT GUILTY AT TRIAL: Should a client’s case proceed to trial, he will be directly represented by two defense lawyers: Tom and a Group co-counsel lawyer. Together, they will prepare a defense that capitalizes on the strengths of the case, and minimizes the impact of any weaknesses the case may have. As trial commences, each of the lawyers will have an integral role, and together will underscore every piece of evidence that raises reasonable doubt and gives rise to alternative explanations as to why the allegations might have arisen.

A thorough review of our case results and testimonials will make evident the level of preparation, commitment and legal savvy that each of our cases receives.

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