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You are likely researching our website because either you or someone dear to you is accused of committing a sex crime involving a child or adult. Given the view of today’s society on these types of allegations, you are probably overwhelmed with fear and anxiety. Do not panic or lose hope: anyone can accuse anyone, but guilt must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt to a judge or jury. Our law firm’s sole focus is preventing that from happening.

For over 25 years Premier Defense Group has specialized in defending those accused of sex crimes, and has successfully represented individuals in numerous states across the county. While no lawyer or law firm can guarantee a successful case outcome, a key element to our potentially unparalleled success is that each of our clients is given the highest of quality and most robust legal defense a law firm can offer. No matter where you reside, allow our experienced team of sex crime lawyers to help you.

Accused, Suspected, or Charged with a Sex Crime? Now What?

  • If you or someone you know is facing sex crime charges including child sexual abuse, sexual assault or rape, do not attempt to prove your innocence by talking with the police or child protective services.
  • Please do not make the unfortunate mistake of waiting and hoping that the accusations will fade, or that the police will drop the charges without the influence of an attorney.
  • Do not rush into hiring a general-practice attorney. When you are charged with a sex crime your opponent will likely be a prosecutor who routinely handles sexual offense cases. Due to this expertise he or she may have an advantage over a general-practice criminal defense attorney. We however, have been focusing exclusively on sex crimes defense for over two decades.

Choosing an Attorney For a Sex Crime Charge

For the last 25+ years Attorney Tom Pavlinic has chosen to focus his law practice exclusively on the defense of individuals charged with sex offenses. Sex crimes defense is not an area for a general-practice criminal attorney. Such cases are unique in many ways and require expertise – obstacles such as sex-crime-specific hearsay exceptions, expanded indictments, tolling of statutes of limitations, and bias are not uncommon and must be overcome. The use of dynamic and proven defense strategies is imperative in order to discredit the testimony of the alleged victim, which is often the chief or sole evidence.

Defense attorneys who do not have experience in representing clients accused of sexual offenses against children may not understand how important it is to mount an aggressive yet sensitive defense. These types of cases are often considered distasteful by the public, and inexperienced counsel may lack the confidence to cross-examine minor witnesses. Only an experienced sex crime lawyer who handles these cases as an integral and regular part of his practice should be considered to undertake your representation.

It is important to know that sex crimes defense is very different from general criminal defense. We strongly suggest that you read more about why sex crimes cases are unique.

Our Sex Crime Lawyers

Sex crime lawyers

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Winning Your Case

Tom Pavlinic has been a criminal defense attorney since his admission to the Bar in 1973. For the last 25+ years he has devoted his practice exclusively to defending individuals who stand accused of child sexual abuse and other sex crimes. He has successfully defended numerous clients in multiple states across the country, and is called upon to assist other attorneys in high profile cases due to his expertise. He constantly strives to be regarded by his clients and peers as one of the best sex crimes attorneys in the U.S.

When you hire Premier Defense Group your lead defense attorney will be Attorney Tom Pavlinic. Additionally, Tom chooses one of the Group’s experienced defense attorneys to work in conjunction with him in representing you. Tom has worked closely with each of them and can attest to their competence and dedication. If one of our select attorneys does not practice in your jurisdiction, Tom will carefully choose and partner with a top-notch attorney from your local area. Only lawyers who have a strong and respected reputation and know the “ropes” of your local court system are chosen. Together, an incredibly effective team is created whereby Tom’s sex crimes expertise and local counsel’s local law expertise come together. Regardless of the state in which you reside, Attorney Pavlinic is the lead defense attorney who will represent you throughout your case.

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Do not let these accusations ruin your good name, and don’t wait until you are convicted to hire an appropriate legal team. If you would like our sex crimes defense team to fight for you, call us now. Our law firm and medical and behavioral experts are vested in protecting you from being wrongly convicted. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to discuss your case free of charge.

You can reach us 24/7 for a free consultation at 800-993-0632, or SECURELY EMAIL US. Rest assured that any information provided to us over the phone or via email is completely confidential. We are highly capable of helping you, should you afford us that opportunity.

We provide free, confidential consultations and represent individuals throughout the United States. Thus far, Attorney Tom Pavlinic and his team have successfully represented clients from Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Washington D.C., and West Virginia.