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If you are seeking legal representation from an experienced sex crimes attorney, we’re glad you’ve found us. Premier Defense Group is unique because its sole focus is defending individuals charged with alleged sex crimes such as rape, sexual assault and child sexual abuse.

Our Group’s lawyers are non-judgmental and firmly believe in the presumption of innocence. Should you choose us, we will be strong advocates as we argue your side of the story. Remember, anyone can accuse anyone of anything, but actual guilt must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt to a judge or jury. Should a trial be necessary in your case, we hope that you find comfort in knowing that our Group was formed for this very purpose.

  • Premier Defense Group represents the wrongly accused nationwide – no matter where you reside, consider consulting with us as soon as possible.

Our Group Sex Crime Lawyers

Our Sex crime lawyers

First Row – Lead Attorney Tom Pavlinic, Matthew Clark, Richard Finci, Charlotte Weinstein, Patrick Jennings, Robert Reno, Jeff Coale

Second Row – Maria Mena, Heather Barbieri, Heather Dyer, Jim Wronko, Ronald D. Philipps, Melinda R. Glaubke, Melanie Morgan

Attorney Pavlinic During TrialWhen you hire Premier Defense Group, your lead defense attorney will be Attorney Tom Pavlinic. Tom has been a private-practice criminal defense attorney since 1975, and has developed his expertise in sex crimes cases since the mid 90’s. To date, he has defended individuals accused of sexual crimes involving minors and adults in over 25 states across the country. He offers a strategic and proven defense based upon over 40 years of experience, including 20+ years of exclusive sex crimes experience. Read more about his experience and accomplishments.

Additionally, when you hire our Group you will benefit from the “group concept” which is the cornerstone of our law practice. Although Tom is admitted to the Maryland State Bar, he represents clients in any given state by choosing one of the Group’s experienced defense attorneys who practice in that state to admit him to that local court pro hac vice. Regardless of the state in which you reside, Attorney Pavlinic is always the lead defense attorney who will represent you throughout your case including at trial, should one be necessary. Each client therefore is directly represented by two lawyers, and benefits from both the (national) sex crimes expertise of Attorney Pavlinic AND the (state) criminal law experience of a co-counsel Group lawyer.

Importance of an Experienced Sex Crimes Attorney

The harsh penalties and stigma that follow a conviction for an alleged sex crime often cannot be reversed. When choosing an attorney for your specific case, it is important to consider that sex crime cases, especially when involving alleged child victims, are unique in many ways and therefore present unique challenges and obstacles. It is for this very reason that Attorney Tom Pavlinic shifted the focus of his practice from criminal law to sex crimes defense, exclusively.

Such cases are often “he said, she said” cases, and therefore one’s attorney is tasked with creating substantial reasonable doubt based upon a small amount of “evidence.” Physical evidence is often not available, so out-of-court statements and in-court testimony is often the chief or even sole evidence that stands in the way of one’s freedom. In such an undertaking, one’s attorney must possess an experienced skill set in order to sometimes-delicately (especially with children) yet effectively discredit the testimony of the alleged sex crime victim. For these reasons and more, please carefully choose your attorney.

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We understand the emotions that you are likely feeling as a result of being accused, and also understand how overwhelming it is to explore the web for suitable legal counsel. You can rest assured that should you call us for a free consultation, you will not be pressured or mislead in any manner.

No matter where you reside, if you would like to discuss the possibility of having Attorney Tom Pavlinic and a Group lawyer represent you, please call us now. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to discuss your case. Call for a free, confidential consultation at 800-993-0632, or email us to schedule one.