Sex Crime Laws by State – Links to State Statutes

The names of sexual offenses along with their respective statutes and penalties vary by state.

Sex Crime LawsTypical sex offenses include:

Aggravated Indecent Assault ▪ Child Enticement ▪ Child Sexual Abuse ▪ Criminal Sexual Conduct ▪ Gross Sexual Imposition ▪ Importuning ▪ Involuntary Deviate Sexual Intercourse ▪ Indecent Assault ▪ Indecent Exposure ▪ Indecent Liberties ▪ Indecency with a Child ▪ Lewd & Lascivious Conduct ▪ Molestation ▪ Rape ▪ Sexual Assault ▪ Sexual Abuse of a Minor ▪ Sexual Battery ▪ Sexual Offense ▪ Sexual Penetration ▪ Sodomy ▪ Solicitation of a Minor ▪ Statutory Rape

Each state has sexual offenses which prohibit certain illegal sexual conduct. The names of theses offenses as well as their legal definitions vary. Cases can be won based upon the intricacies associated with each offense, as each element of the offense must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

Please find your state below, and the resulting link will take you to your state’s sex offenses and statutes.  We update these links, but please be sure to determine if the information provided is current.

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