Pennsylvania Sex Crime Defense Lawyers

If you’ve been charged with a sex crime in Pennsylvania, particularly one that allegedly involved a child, you have found a most suitable group of criminal defense attorneys to undertake your representation. Premier Defense Group focuses exclusively on sex crimes defense, and has defended numerous individuals throughout PA charged with IDSI, aggravated indecent assault, sexual assault and rape.

When you hire our law group, Attorney Thomas A. Pavlinic is the lead defense attorney who will undertake your representation. As you can see by reading his profile, his expertise in the area of the law is vast. Complementing this experience is his natural desire to protect his clients from the harsh and often unfair PA judicial system. He has extensive experience in multiple jurisdictions in the state.

The Team Approach

Additionally, Attorney Pavlinic works each case with one of the Group’s highly experienced defense attorneys. If the Group does not have a select attorney in a particular jurisdiction, Tom carefully chooses and works with another seasoned attorney in that local jurisdiction. Having Tom’s expertise in sex crimes defense on your side, combined with the local law knowledge of co-counsel assures that you will receive a robust defense. Tom is always the lead defense attorney in each case.

Being Accused of a Sex Crime in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Sex Crime LawyersAs with most states, Pennsylvania law enforcement and district attorney offices consider sexual crimes involving minors to be the most heinous of crimes, perhaps even more heinous than other violent crimes such as homicide or even prolonged child physical abuse.

When an individual is accused of sexual assault in PA, local law enforcement agencies are the first party to become involved. Such allegations are pursued relentlessly. No law enforcement agency wants to be held responsible for failing to pursue any allegation of sexual misconduct, particularity if directed toward a child. If the police believe that there is even a hint of validity to the accusations, a “train” begins to roll with momentum that almost never stops until the jury makes its decision.

Preparing for an Arrest

Once the detective in charge of your case has gathered as much “evidence” as possible, he or she will submit the evidence to the District Attorney’s office where a determination will be made as to whether the case should move forward. In cases involving alleged sexual abuse, a verbal accusation by a child unfortunately is often enough to initiate the arrest. If you feel that you are being investigated, it’s important to begin to prepare your defense.

Contact Our Law Firm Immediately, 24/7

The earlier you speak with a qualified sex crimes defense attorney the better. Quite often defendants make mistakes early-on that become highly regrettable. You can reach us 24/7. Call for a free, confidential consultation at 800-993-0632, or email us to schedule one. We are highly capable of helping you, should you afford us that opportunity.