About Premier Defense Group


Premier Defense Group is a multi-jurisdictional group of lawyers who defend clients charged with sex crimes throughout the U.S. It was created in 2009 by Attorney Thomas A. Pavlinic. The Group includes Tom who is the primary attorney in each case, and criminal defense attorneys who are licensed in states across the country who work jointly with Tom in sex crime cases. When an individual hires Attorney Tom Pavlinic, he or she will be represented jointly by Tom and by a Group co-counsel lawyer who practices locally in the jurisdiction where criminal charges are filed.

The “Group Concept”

Prior to forming the Group in 2009, Attorney Tom Pavlinic had worked jointly with defense lawyers across the country in sex crimes cases. Because Tom is licensed to practice law in Maryland, when he practices in other states he must associate with a lawyer who is licensed in that state. This “in-state” co-counsel lawyer then petitions his or her court to admit Tom as pro hac vice counsel. This is a legal term that permits an out-of-state attorney to represent a client in conjunction with an attorney licensed to practice in that state.

As a result of the success he had with utilizing a “team approach” to defend clients nationwide, he formed the “Group,” which currently includes Tom and select criminal defense lawyers who have previously worked with him in sex crimes cases.

Our Group Co-counsel Lawyers

The Group co-counsel lawyers who work with Tom maintain their own independent law practices, but work jointly with him when cases are in their respective jurisdictions. Only competent and experienced criminal defense attorneys with whom Tom has previously worked are selected as Group lawyers. Each of these lawyers must embrace certain legal standards, and must have a strong reputation and a proven track record in his or her home state jurisdiction.

When these attorneys are brought on board to serve as co-counsel, a team is formed for the client’s benefit. There are no bickering or ego issues between the attorneys about how the defense will be handled. Rather, the client benefits by having input from both counsel, working in tandem. Each lawyer plays a role that best emphasizes his strengths and suits the needs of the client’s case.

If a Group Co-counsel Lawyer Does Not Reside in Your Area

At times Tom is asked to represent individuals in jurisdictions where one of our Group co-counsel attorneys does not practice. In such cases, thorough research is conducted in order to find a local attorney in that area who is highly suitable to work in conjunction with Tom. If the client agrees to the attorney’s suitability, that attorney will then serve as local co-counsel with Tom.

States Where Tom Represents Clients

Tom defends clients nationwide. He, while representing clients independently and as pro hac vice counsel in cases involving alleged sex crimes, has achieved successful case results for clients in the following jurisdictions (listed in alphabetical order): Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, Vermont, Texas and Washington D.C.  He has also successfully represented military members in courts-martial proceedings convened by the Air Force, Army and Navy.

Collective Experience

Collectively, the attorneys in our Group have over 250 years of experience in criminal defense. There is no substitute for this vast pool of real-life experience when building a defense team. We have represented others for the same charges that you may now be facing.

We are every bit as careful in selecting our attorneys as we are in selecting our clients. We know from our association on previous cases that our co-counsel in-state lawyers are (i) competent, (ii) experienced and (iii) in good standing with their respective Bars. Our Group has spent many years working together. We treat every attorney-client relationship as a lifelong commitment. This is reflected in our reputation among our clients and throughout the legal community.

Our Code of Ethics

Use the most experienced and successful attorneys in the nation. 
Tom takes great care to select proper local counsel for each of his cases. We do not use “junior” or entry-level attorneys. Every client deserves a vigorous defense, and each member of the group provides this as a matter of pride and principle.

Build a complete defense team for each case.
The prosecution has nearly unlimited resources to prosecute its sex crime cases. Mounting an effective defense requires a team approach of investigators, defense attorneys and experts that can level the playing field and defeat the prosecution. Our experience and legal network allow us to affordably build a proper defense team for each of our clients.

Never subcontract cases to other firms.
The Internet is full of marketing entities that present themselves as law firms. They accept your money and then farm your case out to outside counsel, who is often selected for financial reasons. Tom takes direct and personal responsibility for every case and does not believe in this deceptive business practice.

Prepare to win in court. 
When facing sex crime charges, you generally get one chance to defend yourself. Taking the time to prepare a case for trial can often be the best way to avoid a trial in the first place. We will never rush to a plea bargain that sacrifices your rights and freedom for the sake of convenience or to save money. Our trial strategy, regardless of how time-consuming, must protect and promote your best interests.

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