Competency and Taint Hearings

What is a Taint Hearing?

Young children are naive, suggestible and eager to please. When a parent, teacher, police officer or social worker asks leading questions, children understand that certain answers will please the questioner, and they comply.

"Daddy touched you in a bad place, didn't he?"

Young children are also psychologically vulnerable. An authority figure with a conviction-driven agenda can coerce a child to making statements that are not true. When these questions and answers are repeated again and again, they become embedded in the child's memory. The child comes to believe that these falsehoods are, in fact, true. The child will then learn to repeat them in a very convincing way.

"Daddy hurt you, didn't he?"

We understand how a child's memory and his or her testimony can be tainted by repeated interrogation and coaching from parents, social workers, psychologists and law enforcement. Tom has raised these issues in cases involving young children who have made accusations of sexual abuse.

In 1994, the New Jersey Supreme Court decided State v. Michaels.

That opinion established a procedure permitting defense attorneys to request a pretrial "taint" hearing to challenge the children's investigative interviews. The taint hearing has since spread to other states. However, it has not yet been accepted in all states.

Tom routinely requests a taint hearing to challenge the reliability of evidence obtained in suggestive or coercive interviews with children. He fights to persuade trial judges that information obtained in these interviews is tainted and, therefore, inadmissible in court. He has also raised this issue at the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

He and Mark Mack prevailed before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court on a child abuse conviction involving issues of competency and taint as matters of first impression. See Com. v. Delbridge, 885 A.2d 27 (Pa.2003).

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