Testimonials From Former Clients

Below are testimonials/reviews from former clients we’ve defended, or from their loved ones. These individuals have shared their stories and experiences about what it was like to be accused of and charged with a sexual crime, and how our Group was able to help them. As you will see, you are not alone. Countless individuals have suffered through the nightmare you are experiencing. We hope that the passion they’ve shared in their stories and the information they have provided will assist you during this difficult time.

Several of our prior clients have volunteered to speak with any of our prospective clients about their experience with Tom, in-state Group lawyer and other members of the Premier Defense Group team. Please ask about this during your free phone consultation.

12/2018 – Terry R.

“To anyone facing sex charges of any kind,

DO NOT hesitate to hire Tom Pavlinic and the premiere defense group. Tom and his staff( and resources) are the answer for a solid, structured defense. Tom is a genius and very, very knowledgeable at what he does. to put it straight, tom is the best. he cares for his clients like no other attorney. he digs deep and gets the facts and is able to present them in a professional manner above ALL other attorneys. he is there for u when it feels like nobody else is. most importantly, he believes in his clients and gives them all the reason to believe in him.

u cannot go wrong with hiring him when your entire life is at stake. his client/attorney communication is 100%. without tom i would not be able to be writing you this review. because of tom, my life ending false allegations were COMPLETELY DISMISSED. have no doubts when hiring tom. please listen to me if u are feeling hopeless and discouraged like i was before hiring tom. tom brings hope into every case he does. i am speaking from experience in a serious case that tom handled for me. i have not one complaint only a mountain of gratitude for tom and his professional team. THANK U ALL AT PREMIERE FOR SAVING MY LIFE.”

7/2018 – Client

“It’s been a little while since I was found not guilty thanks to Attorney Tom Pavlinic. It’s just been recently though that I have been able to reflect back on everything because I have been emotionally not well due to the immense stress of going through the nightmare. I’ve had some moments of clarity recently and during these times I realized how incredibly fortunate I was to have been represented by Tom, his staff and my local lawyer. I also realized that my gratitude would only be true if I took the time to write this review and let others out there know that there is reason to be hopeful even if you have been falsely charged with a crime against a child like I was. Reflecting back, I have so much empathy for anyone who has to go through this because it seems like almost no one wants to be supportive of you at a time when you need it most. It is also now very clear to me that the legal system is so incredibly unfair and skewed when it comes to these types of cases. We encountered obstacle after obstacle due to this legal system, but my lawyers gave everything they had to assure that I was given a fair chance at trial. Tom and my local lawyer were an absolutely amazing team, and between Tom’s expertise in these cases and my local lawyer’s knowledge of the local laws, I now realize that I was in fact given perhaps “the best defense possible.” At my age, I was facing a life sentence if the jury believed that I was guilty of even just one of the charges. The lawyers for the state were unprofessional and attempted sleazy tactics that I could not believe. My lawyers were not shocked, but I was. My trial lasted over one week, and the commitment and compassion that my lawyers poured into my case each and every day now makes me get emotional when I think about it. It was as if they were defending a son. I had very little emotional strength left by the time my trial came around, but had just enough to testify and finally tell someone that I was innocent of the accusations. It was like the weight of the world was lifted off of my shoulders when I finished. I recently developed the strength to read the entire transcript of my trial. It was almost like I was never there because I didn’t remember much of what was said. It was during this reading that I truly realized the absolute brilliance of the lawyers that I chose to represent me. This among other things inspired me to write this so others will know that Tom Pavlinic is an incredibly talented and compassionate lawyer who will fight with everything he has to help you. I wholeheartedly recommend that you hire him if you are in the situation that I was. Thank you Tom from the inner depths of my heart.”

6/2017 – Client

“My son was charged with a felony sex offense, which carries a maximum 10 years in prison and 25 years on the sex offender registry. We hired Mr. Tom Pavlinic and his team. It was the best decision we could have made. Tom negotiated with the prosecutor to allow my son to plea to a misdemeanor offense, which held the possibility of Probation Before Judgement (PBJ) and no registration on the sex offender registry.

During the hearing, Tom actually corrected the prosecutor when the prosecutor told the judge that he didn’t recommend PBJ. Tom said “Your Honor, I believe he meant to say that he is not recommending AGAINST PBJ,” to which the prosecutor replied “That’s correct.” It was a barely perceptible error that could have had grave consequences for my son until Tom brought it to the court’s attention. Mr. Pavlinic also educated and guided the Judge by telling him that this misdemeanor sex offense is the only sex offense in the State that allows for a PBJ and doesn’t require registration on the sex offender registry. The Judge acknowledged that he was unaware of this fact. Tom went on to encourage the judge to issue a PBJ and not require registration because of my son’s age and the damage it would do to his future, acknowledging my son’s error while emphasizing his potential. The Judge said he could count on one hand the number of times that he issued PBJ for a sex offense. My son and I were lucky enough to have hired Tom and his team. He kept us informed along the way as he negotiated with the prosecutor and had meetings with us.

In addition to being an expert in his field who handled my son’s defense in a professional manner, Tom is a caring, fatherly figure, who took the time to speak with my son about the realities of life, the need to make better decisions, and the value of an education, echoing many of the same conversations I’ve had with my son over the years. The Judge placed some relatively minor probation requirements on my son. If he can successfully completes his probation, his record can be expunged and he can put this behind him and move on with his life. I am truly grateful for Tom’s efforts on my son’s behalf. I believe if we had not hired Tom and his team, my son would not have received PBJ and would be on the sex offender registry for the next 15 years.”

5/2017 – C.W.

“Tom Pavlinic saved my life.

Two years ago, at the age of 70, I found myself falsely accused of a crime so unspeakable that to this day it makes my head hurt to even think about the accusation.

And the accuser subsequently imagined an earlier crime in another state.

I was facing the possibility of 20 years, or even more, in prison. At my age, it would have been a life sentence.

I found excellent attorneys in both states, each with solid experience in this type of case, although they also did other things.

Astonishingly, it was my original attorney in the second state who referred me to Tom.

After hearing that I was considering going with a judge-only trial in the first state, he said, “There’s an attorney in Annapolis who I’ve worked with before . . . I think in your situation you might want to give him a call.”

Think about it. Have you ever had an attorney who stands to make a lot of money refer you to another attorney? Right. Me neither.

And the more I thought about it, the more I realized that with my life at stake, I didn’t want an “excellent attorney,” I wanted the best attorney I could possibly find, and one who had his total professional focus on this type of case.

Ten minutes later I was having my first conversation with Tom Pavlinic.

Fast forward eight months, multiple continuances, and several trips.

Exactly two weeks ago today the jury filed back into the courtroom and said, “we find the defendant Not Guilty.”

The second state is still pending, but I know I’m in good hands.

Thank you, Tom!

p.s. – Another indication of Tom’s professionalism is his world-class support team. Special thanks also to Sharron and Joe.

p.p.s. – In college I had a discussion with a friend as to whether a surgeon’s caring was important. I said no, only his skill. I’ve now changed my mind. I’ve seen first hand that Tom does care about his clients and – here’s the important part – it’s clear that his caring gives that extra push to how he applies his skill.”

11/2016 – Client

“I’ve been through the ringer so you can take what I say to the bank. Nobody has any clue how difficult it is to be falsely accused of sex crime on a child, and how incredibly scary it is. Nobody believes you. They want to know why a kid would make up a story. I get it. But I’m here to tell you that it happens, because it did to me.

Another thing most people do not know – proving your innocence in court is an uphill battle the whole way. It doesn’t matter if you are innocent. Prosecutors, even judges think you are guilty. It’s very disheartening. Up until the point my case was over, I really didn’t have a true appreciation for how EXTREMELY important it was that I had the type of lawyer that I had. Tom was absolutely amazing. Brilliant. He believed in me, and I think the jury could hear that in his voice, and in his passion.

Honestly, when I heard the prosecutors lay out their case, and paint me with an evil brush, I was shocked. How could this sound so legitimate when it is not true? It was hard to swallow that these people were trying to convict me. Honestly again, if I hadn’t hired Tom Pavlinic, I would have been convicted.

I’ve been in trouble in the past, but never like this. I’ve hired lawyers before. There is no way that your average lawyer would be able to spend the amount of time preparing for a case like this that Tom and his team did (and me). I remember at times being annoyed at how meticulous Tom was about every single detail and every single direction the prosecutors may go. To think that I was annoyed at this is hard to believe. He saved my life. I saw everything we talked about play out in court. I even think the prosecutors were shocked at Tom’s knowledge and preparation. It was a battle even though it should not have been. Even though I am 100% innocent, I just know that I would have been convicted based solely upon what someone said I did. Looking back I know how incredibly fortunate I was to be able to hire Tom. If you’re facing what I went through, do yourself a favor and talk to Tom.”

7/2016 – Meggan

“Do you know how many days fall between October 9, 2014, and July 5, 2016? About 634. It is a long time. That’s about how many days that my family has been under the dark – sometimes deafening – cloud filled with extreme stress, worry, concern and fear. That’s how many days this community has had to read or see what seems like hundreds of news stories about my step-father’s arrest, arraignment, indictment and trial. That’s how many days we have had to endure the raised eyebrows and sideways glances from people who didn’t know the whole story, but have heard the rumors or read something in the paper. In that 634 days, I learned so much, felt emotional extremes that I’ve never felt before, and saw some of the best and worst that humanity has to offer, which I want to share.

In that 634 days I saw people who knew nothing about facts of a case spread vicious rumors and gossip. I know this happens, and I now know that there are actual victims of it every single time. I saw some members of this community offer thoughtless, baseless and, in my opinion, reckless commentary on news articles and social media. To them, I offer my sincere hope that no one – not even the harshest commentators – be faced with charges to such heinous crimes that they didn’t commit. I saw people – family and people I thought were friends – back away, avoid us and, in some instances, literally run away from us. It broke my heart, and I fear that the wounds that resulted from that will not be quick to heal. I saw prosecutors and the police in a light that I hadn’t imagined; a light that lends understanding to why my lawyer friends warn caution when it comes to dealing with them. I saw what, in my opinion, were contrived stories reach an epic level that I did not previously think possible in this American system of justice.

In that same 634 days, I saw my mom, Mark’s wife, stand by her husband with unwavering and prayerful support. I saw her love, kindness, trust, hope and dedication, which should be an example for all of us who are spouses. In their time together, mom and Mark have had more stress than most married couples have in a lifetime. They weathered the storm, and did it with such amazing grace and dignity.

I saw lawyers work for hours – giving up holidays and weekends with their own families – for my family. I saw them pour their effort, commitment, knowledge and passion into a case for people that 634 days ago, they did not know from Adam. I can tell you that lawyers get the raw end of the respect deal. The ones I’ve met and gotten to know in this process have real passion for justice, and I’m glad there are people like them.

Finally, I saw dear friends and family whose names, faces, talks and hugs I will never forget, lend their support with prayer, hugs, messages of hope and encouragement, advice, listening ears and, most importantly, love. There are too many to name here, and I’m too exhausted to try to list them all anyway, but you know who you are. It was so very heartwarming to know that we had such an amazing group of good, strong, loving people behind us every step of the way.

I don’t know about you, but it would be an awfully sad place if we let the worst of humanity win any battle. I’m going to do all I can not to let that happen. I want to focus on those people that showed me love, goodness and hope over the course of the last 634 days, and I want to strive to live by their wonderful example.

Though the result in this instance was ultimately the right result, the system of justice is far from perfect. A perfect system would have careful checks in place along the way: parents who teach children right from wrong, an educational system that teaches children the importance of the “beyond a reasonable doubt” standard for criminal prosecutions, a police force that is taught to and does investigate crimes in a proper and thorough manner without preconceptions as to guilt or innocence, prosecutors who understand that their job is justice – which does not always equate to conviction, law enforcement that understands the importance of consequences for those who lie in order to achieve an arrest, charges, indictment or conviction, a public that pays attention changes in laws that whittle away the safeguards for those accused of crimes, and community members that operate free from judgment, gossip and rumor to the detriment of each other.

To get this win, we suffered tremendous costs. The cost of the lawyer fees and expenses, the cost of the stress and worry, and the cost of Mark’s reputation. None of these are recoverable to the point that they existed 635 days ago. We won’t get the lawyer fees and expenses back – they were used to pay for the defense that Mark needed. We won’t recover the physical and mental strain of the stress and worry. Mark’s reputation won’t ever be fully repaired either, though I know he finds comfort in the same things I did during this long and awful process – those things that flow from the hearts of good people.

If I can offer anything through my experience in the last 634 days to those who care to learn from what I’ve been through, it would be this:

1. Pray and give thanks. Be thankful for what you have, who you have, and what you’ve learned.

Love. Love those who support you, and lend support to those who need it. I can’t tell you how much a random text can mean when you are weathering what seems to be a crazy, unbearable storm. Don’t worry about not knowing what someone needs; they will ultimately let you know (if they even know). A kind word is a good start.

3. Try really hard not to judge. This means avoid spreading rumors or gossip, no matter how trivial or innocent it seems to you. It hurts someone, somewhere, especially if it turns out to be baseless or false.

4. Understand that our system of justice is far from perfect. While the result in our case was right and just, there are many who put their faith in 12 people they don’t know who end up in a much different position. There are organizations that work for the exoneration of those who have been wrongfully convicted, and the figures on those convictions are staggering.

To those who have supported us for the past 634 days or more, thank you. Words cannot express my gratitude. Much, much love to you all.”

9/2015 – Alan

“I would like to thank Tom Pavlinic and his wonderful team of experts. Upon the first day of talking to him, I was given his personal cell phone number to contact him when I needed too. When I called his office to ask a question, someone was always available to talk to me. If they didn’t know the answer to my questions, they called back within an hour tops. I was put in a very horrible situation, where I was being accused of sexually assaulting my 15 year old step daughter. These allegations were completely fabricated. Tom spoke with CPS and the detective on my behalf and answered many questions that without legal knowledge could have been turned around on me. Since I reside in another state then where Tom is licensed, he helped find and worked very closely with a lawyer from my state. If you are ever wrongfully accused a horrible crime, please don’t hesitate to call Tom and his team. You won’t regret it. No charges were ever filed, and I am back at home with my family.”

5/2015 – Ryan

“The hysteria and bias surrounding sexual abuse allegations requires an attorney who specializes and is dedicated to defending you. Tom Pavlinic is this man. Thanks to Tom and his amazing team I was able to get my life back.

In 2007 I was falsely accused of sexually abusing my then girlfriend’s two daughters. Despite law enforcement’s failure to verify or validate the allegations I was charged and went to trial in 2009. I was represented by a local attorney and while being a competent defense attorney we were not prepared for what was to come. The truth doesn’t matter in the judicial system and I was convicted. I spent nearly 4 years in prison for a crime I didn’t commit. Thankfully we won the appeal. I knew then that I needed someone who’s expertise lay in sex crimes. A family member found the Premier Defense Group and got me in touch with Tom. It was the best thing that could have happened.

Tom and his team’s dedication, knowledge and compassion are unparalleled. Thanks to this we won the retrial in 2015 and I have my freedom once again. I hope others can learn from my misfortune. The fear, hysteria and bias surrounding allegations of this nature can overcome truth and reason. You wouldn’t want a general family practice doctor to perform heart surgery on you or a loved one. You would want an expert heart surgeon. Tom is this, and I can not thank him enough for returning my life to me.”

02/2015 – Tim

“I was accused of touching my niece who is only four years old. I DID NOT do this. It upset the whole family. Some believed me and some weren’t sure. My brother(her father) went to the police as soon as she told him. She said it happened in front of other adults. I was scared. She gave very believable statements. If she had accused anyone else I would have believed her. I thought that I was in the clear because she said it happened in front of two other adults. NOT the case. My dad told me to get a lawyer and began to tell me how serious this was. I then received a call from a detective telling me that she needed a statement and wanted to set a polygraph. I was innocent and though, of course lets get this whole thing out of the way but my dad scared me so I told her that I was getting a lawyer. I did like everyone else does, I went to my hometown lawyer. I spoke to him, told him what happened and he called the detective to set up a time to meet. I noticed that he had a relationship with the detective already and thought, ok this might be a good thing. After the phone call I spoke more in depth with him and then I started to realize that he was more of a divorce, dui and speeding ticket lawyer. Some of the advice he gave me didn’t seem right. He told me that this is an open and shut case and to not worry about anything. I only spoke with him for a total of 10 minutes. This was like a red flag to me. My wife looked up lawyers on line and found Premier Defense Group.

I called Premier Defense Group on a Saturday night. Probably the best decision I have ever made. I spoke to Sharron Woodbury who spoke with me for 30-45 minutes. I though she was the lawyer, in fact she is a very knowledgeable paralegal. She gave me way more information than the other lawyer I spoke to. She told me that she would be passing on my information to Tom Pavlinic for more help. At this time it was almost 8pm on a Saturday night. Less than an hour later Tom calls me and spoke with me for another 30-45 minutes. I was so reassured. Tom even gave me his home phone number incase I was arrested so I could get ahold of him in the middle of the night. He gave me critical advise. I set a meeting with him to sit down in person. Our meeting was another hour. All of this was FREE. He gave me advise and told me how to interact with the police and I wasn’t even his client yet. Tom is VERY competent. He is the best lawyer that you could ask for. Like one of those good lawyers you see in a movie. I can’t say enough how intelligent this man is.

In the end, I followed ALL of Tom’s advice. I was only accused. No charges were ever filled. You have to understand, even if I was arrested, these accusations would have been on my record for my whole life. It would have followed me for my whole life and would have impacted every job I could have gotten. People would have always prejudged me for something I didn’t do. No one would have ever believed me. After 3 weeks of stress the case against me was closed. My niece told my brother that she made everything up because it was funny. In Virginia I could have faced 30 years. I didn’t make a statement or even take a polygraph. Tom even sent back part of my retainer. A very honest and trustworthy man who at every turn had my best interest a heart.

Lastly, this is your future. You never want to regret not getting the best lawyer. This is your life, not a used car. Get the best. I honestly believe that there are innocent people in jail. You don’t want to be sitting in jail, an innocent person, thinking that you should have gotten a good lawyer. Once you are charge you are fighting an uphill battle. You are already guilty. If this could happen to me, then it could happen to you. Premier Defense Group. Remember that name. Don’t ruin your future trying to prove your innocence. You are not smart enough to talk to the police by yourself.”

09/2014 – F.G.

“I live in Maryland. I hired Tom Pavlinic as my defense attorney when I was suddenly falsely accused of sexually abusing my own 3 year old daughter. One thing led to another. False accusations to a doctor led to Social Services and then a police report that led to charges against me. A blessing for me – in my need for help and direction to fight these false allegations I found Tom’s web page and read up on the narratives of what had happened to other clients that Tom had represented and got to see Tom the same day shortly after I called and spoke with him about what I was dealing with.

Tom Pavlinic and Premier Defense Group advised and helped me to do the right things – turn myself in cooperatively, get a reduced bond (and when I turned myself in on a Thursday (…that became Friday), and then not getting the bail bond hearing till Monday – Tom came to visit me in jail to counsel and prepare me for what could happen next. Tom and Sharron (working with Tom and for PDG) also really helped me cope with such a life threatening and life changing travesty. Tom also emphasized and assisted me to stay away from the police and Social Services to keep me from being taken down by someone with their own career and own goals in mind. Tom brought his points across with a professional sense that was accurate and cooperative. I have no criminal record and I have no experience in these types of situations. Tom used this appropriately to our advantage as he did the necessary pre-trial footwork and communications to do his best to get the charges dropped. I really feel Tom has integrity and care in mind for the defendants he represents those that are falsely accused – and just as important the knowledge and experience needed to do what is best. Tom was very straightforward and honest to me both before and after the charges were dropped. Tom (and Sharron) also made the effort to be timely about keeping me informed as to what was happening as well. Sharron was also very helpful and considerate to me. Such a time of duress for me, such a heavy load on my heart and my mind, Sharron was very compassionate and took the time to empathize with me about my difficulties and my concerns at the same time she helped me to stay focused and aware on what we needed to do and what may happen next. She gave support by relating to me stories about cases from her experience to prepare me for the worst scenario, and to help me to cope for the best outcome. Thank you Sharron.

Tom then made the early effort to take the action to establish dialogs with both the county Assistant District Attorney and the Lead Sexual Abuse Officer handling the case – to get these false charges dropped. I could see in the dialog of the letters Tom Pavlinic sent them that he spoke the truth of me as the person I am and my situation in a straight-forward, concise and accurate manor. This was followed by dismissal of the charges – “Insufficient Evidence” from the District Attorney, and an “Unsubstantiated” Report from Social Services. After the charges were dismissed, Tom was upfront to me about the outcome of my case. As a result of everything falling into place for us with respect to the criminal charges, Tom then offered to work with my custody lawyer in the event that false allegations of child sexual abuse arise in that litigation. I sincerely want to do whatever I can to be the loving father I have been and a full part of my daughter’s life again. I really feel Tom understands this and truly cares about what has happened and what can be done. Knowing Tom is the best at what he does, I gratefully accepted Tom’s assistance on the child custody issues – and feel I am in the best of hands to continue to overcome this travesty that has taken place in my life. Tom and PDG, thank you for your presence and your effort, your integrity and your kindness too. All so important here as well, give Tom the credit for having a special ability to synergize. Tom has a quality to interact together genuinely with his clients and his cases. I feel Tom truly values the mental, emotional, and psychological differences among people and knows how to be proactive with the people involved in his cases – to get the best results. Tom and Sharron, Thank you both. Thank you again so much, Premier Defense Group.”

07/2014 – K.K.

“In 2013 I was charged with three Felonies, including sex abuse of a minor and two counts of sex offense third degree. These charges carried sentences that could have possibly put me in jail for the rest of my life. I’m not one that has any confidence in a court appointed lawyer so I went online and did a google search for lawyers that handled sex abuse allegation cases and Tom’s name came up numerous times as the top sex abuse defense attorney in the nation. After talking with Tom he agreed to take my case. I am extremely satisfied and happy with the outcome of my case. Tom was able to negotiate my bail down to 10,000 dollars, and arrange a bail bondsman to bail me out, which meant I had just arrived at the jail and was released within a few hours. Tom is a bulldog when it comes to taking care of his clients. Tom was able to get a misdemeanor charge of assault in lieu of the Felony charges. With the Felony charges thrown out, I was sentenced to probation for the misdemeanor. No jail time, no fines, no sex offender registry list, no supervised probation. I can finally put this whole incident behind me and move on with my life. I have nothing but praise for Tom and his team. I don’t know how he managed to pull a rabbit out of his hat but I’m glad I called him.”

03/2014 – C.D.

“In June 2011 I was falsely accused of indecency with a minor by my step-daughter that resulted in nine counts. Since that day in June my world was a nightmare, scared and very depressed. I had never been involved with the police for any matter before this. During this process I came to the realization that the police and prosecutors, including public opinion, are very biased. You are guilty until proven innocent, which goes against how the system is supposed to work. I took a local lawyer for my first trial, even though I had talked to Tom. I felt innocence was all I needed to win. The first trial was a hung jury and went to a second trial. I kept my local lawyer feeling that my innocence would be proven. Once again it was a hung jury. But in the second trial the prosecution was very strong against me. Now I’m not only more scared than I’ve ever been, and more depressed, I’m almost financially to the ground. Knowing that a third trial could result in the same or worse outcome, I knew a change had to be made. I made the decision to visit again with Tom about my case. After Tom reviewed my case, he said “Son, we’re going to win this”. It was the best decision I’ve ever made. Tom’s amazing team was so supportive, professional, dedicated, and they took me in like part of their family. Tom partnered up with my local lawyer, as well as Sharron, Don and my family, putting in countless days and hours preparing for the trial. Tom was the driving force that made the difference in this trial, keeping everyone focused on the goal, not guilty. In March 2014, three years later, my innocence prevailed and I was found not guilty on all counts. You are reading this because you or someone you know has been accused of a child sex crime. My advice, from the experience I’ve had for three years, is to go directly with the best in experience with these types of cases. You cannot put a monetary value on your freedom. You will not find in this country a better lawyer than Tom and his support group – Sharron, Tim and Don. I cannot say enough about how thankful I am to him for my life back. I will be eternally grateful!!!”

11/2013 – David

“One would never know exactly how scary and depressing it is to be accused of a sex crime against a child unless they have been there. Looking back however, I have to say that I was fortunate that a lawyer like Tom even exists. I spoke with several lawyers before Tom, and none of them inspired me except for Tom. I’ve read online that cases like mine are hard to beat, and after being through it, I can see why people say this. It’s an uphill battle the whole way, especially because the prosecutors are truly unprofessional and biased. I truly believe that hadn’t it been for Tom and his team, I would be rotting in prison right now. I just can’t imagine any other lawyer having more knowledge about these types of cases than Tom. If you’re reading this, you probably are going through what I did. Speaking from the depths of my heart, you won’t find a better a defense so stop looking. Tom, my family is as grateful as I am, and will never be able to thank you enough.” David

5/11/2013 – Roger

“September 2011 I was falsely accused of sexually abusing my 11 yr old stepdaughter. It supposedly started when she was 6 years old. Since I have never been in trouble before I made several mistakes. I thought the cops and Child Protective Services was looking for the truth. All they did was use what I said to twist it around because they were setting me up for a criminal trial. We used a local lawyer for the abuse and neglect case. The lawyer wasn’t able to accomplish much because it was all being set up for the criminal case. Nothing was going my way. All the evidence that the law gathered out of my home, the DNA test, computers, exam on the child, it was all negative. But the court system decided to prosecute anyways because of the allegations. Our local attorney was a good attorney but she didn’t specialize in sex crimes.

We are a Christian family and we started praying for God to lead us to a lawyer that can turn this case around. We started looking for Criminal Defense Attorneys in our state on google. All of the lawyers that we found didn’t specialize in sex crimes.. So we typed in Best Sex Crime Lawyers In the US and Tom Pavlinic’s name came up first. Tom was the answer to our prayer! We called Toms office on a Sunday evening and was shocked when Sharron who works with PDG answered the phone. Sharron gave us a lot of encouragement. Tom gave us a call right back that evening and we agreed to drive to Maryland to meet him at his office the next Saturday. We found Tom to be warm, caring, compassionate and with our interest at heart. After meeting Tom that day I knew Tom was really the only chance I would have to bring the truth out in this case. I was amazed at how relentless of a worker Tom and our local lawyer that Tom picked out to be his co-counsel was. Tom said that they had to out work the prosecution and they did. Through their countless hours of hard work I was found INNOCENT on all charges on April 24, 2013. Thank God for Tom Pavlinic because we have a close family and it could have been totally destroyed. After almost two years I finally have my life back. When everything is against you. You need to find the best to represent you to weather the storm. In my case it could have cost me 50 years of my life. Just because on the outside of the court house it says “Truth and Justice For All” don’t think for a minute that is on the inside of that building. Thanks Tom and Sharron we will always have love and respect for you both. We will always consider you both part of our family!” Roger

3/15/2013 – Charles

“Thank you… for your letter confirming the closing of the investigation by Detective xxx. I didn’t reply immediately…I guess I just wanted a few more days to pass….so I could really believe it . It was amazing to me that you were able to help make this happen in only three days following your phone call to Detective xxx. Everything you forecasted became so. Thanks again, so much… for your extraordinary representation.”

11/26/2012 – Dave

“Last October I was falsely accused of a sex crime by a friend (an adult) after we had gotten drunk together and she voluntarily came to my bed. Activities that occurred between us were clouded by alcohol consumption but consensual. A week later she went to the police and filed a report/complaint against me. When the police called to talk to me they just wanted to get my side of the story, I willingly went without counsel. DON’T ever do this. The police only want to use what you say against you. Ask for an attorney, demand an attorney, and they have to stop interviewing you. Also, believing myself innocent as I was involved in a consensual act I allowed the police to seize my cell phone. Again, never hand anything over to them unless they have a warrant for it. I’ve kicked myself over and over again for not knowing these things last year. Lastly, don’t be afraid or nervous, you have rights, they won’t tell you that you do but you do, so don’t waive them by talking or giving them ammunition against you. Also, what you may not know is that what you tell the police goes into a police report which if arrested becomes public and the papers print with a slant what was “said”. Keep in mind what the police write is not always accurate, it puts you in a bad light, they are there to make a case against you. They don’t care what kind of person you are, what you have done in life, or whether you have a family to support.

Anyway, after making these mistakes I didn’t know what to do with myself. I spent that night in emotional turmoil with my wife and the next day I spent with my family. I came to the conclusion that the best solution would be for me end it all so that I wouldn’t have to put my family through the suffering and shame that was coming because of my stupidity and weakness. Fortunately, I have a saint for a wife, and after I left her and the kids on that Saturday night she tirelessly combed the internet looking for help. She called me at 7 a.m. Sunday morning. I was sleeping in my car on the side of the road three states away deciding the least painful way to leave them. She told me that she had reached Sharron who worked PDG and that she had actually answered the call at 6 a.m. on a Sunday morning. I had some hope. I spoke with Tom before 8 a.m. as he was headed to breakfast with another client. He gave me more hope. I ended up hiring Tom and found a fantastic lawyer to team with in my state. We didn’t get the best possible outcome for my case as I had to settle for a plea, but we got the best outcome considering the damage I did by speaking with the police and letting them take my phone. The plea was for a misdemeanor charge, no jail time, and no sex charges. Unfortunately, because of what was in the papers I’ve lost my job. But I’m here, my family is with me, and I have the opportunity to rebuild my life. If Sharron didn’t answer the phone that morning I don’t know where I’d be today. Throughout the process Tom and Sharron showed warmth, caring, and understanding not only in my case but in regard to the well-being of my family.” Thank you, Dave

02/06/2012 – Anonymous

“When you engage a top flight law firm you expect the best legal performance and advice. Such is the result you get with Premier Defense Group. What is not anticipated is the depth of the personal relationship that develops. Tom Pavlinic has assembled a knowledgeable, compassionate, and dedicated staff. They are non-judgmental and provide a shoulder to lean on in a trying time.”

10/19/2011 – D.W

“Mr. Tom Pavlinic and his legal team took my case and spent countless hours in helping me defend myself in a criminal case in Prince Georges County, Maryland where I was falsely accused. I am able to write this review today as a free and innocent man today because of Tom and his team. I would strongly suggest that ANYONE who is accused of a sex crime and don’t know who to trust contact The Premier Defense Group and meet with Tom and his team. His trial experience and legal knowledge far exceeds any other lawyer in the area of sex crimes. Thank you Tom and the Premier Defense Group!”

8/16/2011 – A Grateful and Blessed Young Man/ Junior

“Having Thomas Pavlinic as my lawyer saved my life. His dedication to me was unbelievable, using every resource he could find to help me into a reasonable plea that I could not have reached with any public defender. My charge carried a maximum sentence of 20 years and i was facing at least 9 years in the adult system. Although I was seventeen when the incident happened, Tom did everything in his power to get my case pushed back to the juvenile system. I was retained on a $250,000 bond. Tom was able to get me released on my own recognizance without ever paying a penny. During the time that he spent on my case, he took me under his wing affectionately. Tom worked with the prosecutor and represented me to the fullest extent. He also negotiated that I did not have to be place on the sex registry, which is a blessing within itself. He also showed kindness to my family by visiting me in the detention center even before he was retained. I can honestly say that with Tom in my corner, I felt a greater sense of hope than I probably should have. He just gives off a vibe that can restore any clients’ confidence. I would completely recommend Tom to anyone that’s in the similar predicament; he really does use the full extent of the law to help you out. As of today, I’m living my aspirations and dreams. I’m a freshman in college and one day, I pray to become a lawyer and give back to others like Tom gave to me. He gave me my life back. I will always be grateful to him!” Sincerely, A Grateful and Blessed Young Man/ Junior

6/05/2011 – D.H.

“A young guy caught up in a bad situation is never a good thing. Especially when it’s something as serious as a sexual crime. An accusation such as that can derail your life in ways that are incomprehensible. After the accusation, everything was calm, until I found that I was going to be charged. I was convinced that my life was over and that I was going to be judged everywhere I went. It felt as though I had an illuminated sign stuck to my forehead saying that I was a sexual offender. Although I wanted to eventually just give up, Tom Pavlinic, Melinda Glaubke and their partners were extremely dedicated to proving that I was innocent. They were always on top of everything and were keeping on me to make sure that I was doing my part in the case. They were able to get one charged dropped and fought diligently and ruthlessly to receive a ‘not guilty’ verdict for the second charge. Words alone cannot express mine and my family’s gratitude towards Mr. Pavlinic and his defense team. I would highly recommend Mr. Pavlinic to anyone that has been “caught up” in a sexual situation.”

3/25/2011 – J.B.

“Two years ago I was falsely accused of molesting a 7-yr old girl. It’s been a long and terribly dark road. I really can’t imagine anything worse than being accused of molesting a child. Having never been in trouble before, I knew nothing about hiring an attorney or interacting with police. Mistake 1: I figured because I was innocent, that I had nothing to lose by talking to the police. If there comes a time when the police want to talk to you, please know that its not because they want to hear an opposing story – its because they want more evidence to hang you with! They will twist everything you say and try to use it against you in court. Ask for a lawyer! I even went as far taking a polygraph, and passed. That meant nothing to the police, but had I failed, it would have meant something. Do not take a polygraph – its just another opportunity for the police to hang you! Mistake 2: Again, being that I was innocent, I figured that all I had to do is hire any decent attorney and that he would have my case dropped. So, I found a local lawyer on Google, met him, and hired him. I felt so comforted by having an attorney who seemed to be on my side that I didn’t even ask him how many sexual abuse cases he had handled. By the way, I had to take out a personal loan to hire this attorney. As time went by, I began to feel weary about this attorney, as he often wasn’t able to answer my questions regarding issues that he should be knowledgeable about.

A few weeks before my trial I just had a sick feeling in my gut – I just did not have confidence in this attorney. The few times that we were in court he just seemed submissive – like he was just going through the process. I could tell that the prosecution had absolutely no fear of this man, and that there was no way that they would offer an acceptable plea, nor would they have reservations about going up against him at trial. To his defense, he seemed to be a really good attorney, but just did not have the specialized experience or zeal for this type of case – the prosecution knew this. I started looking for attorneys on Google that specialize in sex crimes, and came across Tom’s website. Initially I had some reservation about hiring PDG because I wondered if I would get the attention and time that I would need, considering that they are a multi-state law firm. I decided to call PDG. Tom called me back within a few hours and we arranged a meeting. He actually traveled cross-state to meet with me. After meeting with Tom, I no longer had reservations, and knew that I had to hire him. Unfortunately I had exhausted my financial resources, but being so determined, I went to extremes to get the money by maxing out my credit cards, and I hired Tom. That was the best, yet perhaps most difficult decision that I have ever made. I say difficult because it was hard to walk away from an attorney that I had already paid. It was worth it! I never imagined that an attorney would be so accommodating and would defend my freedom so passionately. Tom immediately postponed my trial and brought on board a top-notch attorney from my local area to serve as co-counsel. I’ve gotten to know Tom really well being that we spent so much time together. He is a special person. He lives to work, and his work ethic is exceptional. It’s a lonely world when you’re accused of a sex crime. It seems like most people pre-judge you, and are against you – not Tom. It truly is a blessing that there is someone like Tom in this world that is so devoted to and CAPABLE of defending people with these matters. I hope he lives forever.

After spending countless hours dissecting my case, we were finally prepared to go to battle. Every “t” was crossed, and every “i” was dotted. After all of that work, however, the prosecution thought it best to offer me a plea that I simply could not refuse – they knew what they were up against. As much as I wanted my day in court, and as much as I felt confident about winning, you have to understand that you just never know what may happen in a court room. I can honestly say, however, that I was somewhat eager and definitely confident about going to trial, especially after having seen Tom in action at one his other trials. In the end, after two years of unimaginable darkness, I was offered a misdemeanor plea with no sex offender registration, no jail time, and no admission of guilt. I can now rebuild and move on with my life…….. I 100% recommend PDG, and would certainly be willing to talk to anyone who is going through this nightmare. It is common for the prosecution to drag out cases for a year or more, and I would be happy to offer my advice on how to survive during this time. It’s a battle, but one that you can win! Having gone through this nightmare, I can honestly tell you that Nothing is more valuable than freedom. My biggest regret is that I wasted money on an attorney that didn’t have specialized experience before I found and hired PDG. I occasionally think back and wonder where I would be had I stuck with my first attorney. It’s a gut-wrenching thought.”

05/13/2010 – Navy Commander (ret)

“As an attorney myself who found himself falsely accused I can say categorically that Premiere Defense Group and Tom Pavlinic delivers professionalism, work ethic and favorable case results like no other firm I have seen. The dedication afforded to me was above and beyond anything I could have expected. Tom saved my life and my practice. Don’t waste time and money on any other firm.” Signed, Navy Commander (ret)

12/01/2010 – John

“Hi, my name is John. Two years ago Tom had saved my life, my family and my self esteem. During the big snow storm of 2009 in the DC, I was falsely accused of inappropriately touching a 12 year old minor’s buttock while helping her and her completely drunk father to their car on an icy driveway. I was in a bind at 8 pm on a Friday with no where to turn for advise. They had an arrest warrant out for me. Tom was kind and compassionate enough to take time out on a Friday night to meet with my wife and I to listen to my situation and give us advise and did not ask for any monitory compensation. Both my wife and I feel that Tom had a lot of knowledge and experience in this area. And caring, kind and compassion people are hard to find this day and age. We won the case on all counts. I can not thank Tom enough. Without out him, my life as a health care provider would be over.”

3/19/2010 – D.S.

“Eight years ago, while working as a psychologist in the Allegheny County Pittsburgh school system, I was falsely accused of child sexual abuse. Prior to my embarking on that profession, I was a uniformed police officer in Los Angeles, California. The original attorneys whom I retained never dedicated themselves to my defense. Sensing their lack of commitment, I terminated their services in 2005 and brought Tom on board to head up my defense. My case was finally resolved with not guilty verdicts on all counts on March 19, 2010. Tom continued his tireless representations for over 6 years, long after my funds were depleted, and I was forced to file bankruptcy. Over the many years I have known Tom and through the hundreds of communications we had, he has earned my professional respect and most sincere friendship, which, by the way, would not have changed, even if my trial outcome were to have been different. I would be writing this same letter from a prison cell instead of a free man. My children would be in foster homes with virtually no future, my family would have spent the rest of their lives and money on unlikely appeals, and I would have likely died in prison never being allowed to attend any of my children’s life accomplishments or even my parent’s funerals. Tom has many of outstanding qualities that make my writing this note a pleasurable task. His dedication to and empathy for his clients is 2nd to none. He has shown compassion to me and my family, particularly my dying mother and minor children. He knew we could not afford to pay him all that he truly deserved, but that never caused him to threaten to quit or to start cutting corners in the legal work. As a psychologist, I look to one’s character traits of trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship. Tom possesses these qualities, a heart of gold, and so much more.

I greatly appreciate Tom taking the time to read any and all of my communications over so many years while frequently providing feedback of an objective, relevant, hard-hitting, winning mind set, top-notch in highly specialized child sex abuse criminal defense attorney. He can be rough around the edges in highly focused and succinct communication but it is all grounded in utmost caring and concern to win. I have found Tom to be very humble and willing to admit any minute shortcoming that may even remotely adversely impact his client(s) overall defense. Having been through numerous lawyers riddled with self-serving and selfish non-client centered motives, Tom was and remains truly a breath of fresh air. He has proven to me to also possess an honest and high work ethic, religiously leaving no stone unturned, when it comes to his client’s defense to win at all costs. Since my acquittal slightly more than a year ago, and as of the writing of this note — I have professionally assisted Tom in over a half dozen major child sex abuse criminal trials having the pleasure of observing the aforementioned traits through each and every case with each and every client throughout the East Coast, never once having observed Tom losing when representing truly innocent persons against highly skilled prosecution teams. Tom consistently received 100% not guilty verdicts for each and every client with only one hung jury, doing an average of one major child sex abuse trial a month – virtually unheard of in even the most experienced criminal defense lawyers, this in-spite of the prosecutor’s experience, unethical and underhanded tactics, aggressiveness and distortions they so consistently present in zealously seeking solely convictions — absent truth, factual evidence, and surely with no regard for criminal JUSTICE. I look forward to speaking with anyone regarding Tom and his first-rate criminal defense team of experts who stand ready to assist you in proving your innocence often against seemingly all odds. Thank you for taking the time to read this note in hopes you will not make the same very costly and overall destructive errors I made before I hired Tom.” Doctor Donald Stettner