Falsely Accused of Rape, Sex Abuse, Molestation

If you find yourself in the position of being accused of any sex crime, the information that Tom has put together will help you see clearly what you need to do now to protect your rights and avoid a conviction.

I've been accused of child sexual abuse, what should I do first?

Under no circumstances should you talk with the police or any agency employee until you have competent legal representation. If you already have, which is common, please cease all communication. We also suggest that you not confide in friends or relatives about your case without an attorney's approval.

In all cases of child sex abuse, you must immediately retain a competent attorney with specific training and experience in defending against false claims of child sex abuse. Not every criminal defense lawyer has these credentials. You and your attorney should try to learn everything you can about the false allegations.

Please do not make the unfortunate mistake of waiting, and hoping the accusations will fade or that the police will drop the charges. Acting aggressively and as early as possible is critical to a successful case result.

I was just notified of the accusations. Social Services employees or the police will be coming over, what should I say to them?

Tell them you have done nothing wrong and have nothing to hide, but you will not speak to them without your attorney present. You have a legal right to be represented by a lawyer. The social workers or police may say they are conducting an objective investigation, but often they are only looking for evidence to support their conclusions. Anything you tell them can be used against you. Do not answer their questions. Politely end the conversation and tell them your attorney will be contacting them. Then call us as soon as possible. We can help you no matter where in the country you live.

What should I do to handle this matter on my own?

Absolutely nothing. You should not take any action that has any type of legal consequence, however benign it may appear, without the specific guidance of a competent attorney. We can not only provide you with effective legal defense, we can also help you find reliable sources of information and support. Our extensive knowledge and understanding of important issues as the recovery of false memories of abuse, taint and suggestibility in young children, and the factors that motivate teenagers to falsely accuse make us particularly well-equipped to represent you.

We Know How to Help!

Tom Pavlinic and each lawyer affiliated with Premier Defense Group has extensive experience in defending against child sex abuse and other sex crimes charges. They are seasoned veterans of the courtroom with the ability to go to trial and present an aggressive, cogent defense, when ever and wherever the case demands.

They analyze the evidence, follow the rules of evidence and procedure and work together as a team, capitalizing on each attorney's strengths so that you receive the most competent representation possible. This pool of dedicated legal talent is derived from jurisdictions across the country, not just from a single geographic area.

Contact Us Now

Do not hesitate to contact us if you or one of your loved ones could even possibly be facing child sex abuse or other sex crimes charges. We're here to help, but we can only do so if you will let us. Don't make the huge, regrettable mistake of acting without legal representation, the most foolish course of action when dealing with the criminal justice system.

Acting promptly and aggressively is the key to protecting your freedom and ultimate well being. You can reach us at 800-993-0632, or CONTACT US ONLINE.  Rest assured that any information provided to us is completely confidential. We're here for you 24 hours a day. We know how important your case is, and we want to protect you from the very outset.