Attorney Standards

Every attorney in our Group is a seasoned veteran with extensive trial experience. Being an effective sex crimes trial attorney requires your counsel to follow certain basic principles.

Act Ethically, Diligently and Competently at All Times

As your Attorneys, our primary responsibility is fulfilling our fiduciary duty to you. We must always act in accordance with your best interests and welfare. Our ethical obligation also requires us to demonstrate candor in our dealings with the court, the prosecutor and the witnesses. Our professional standards further mandate that your defense be handled diligently and competently.

Establish a Proper Attorney-Client Relationship

Before any work is begun on your case, the Attorney-Client relationship must be firmly cemented. We must develop a rapport that inspires trust and confidence. Treating each other with respect and consideration establishes the rapport. Providing palpable proof of prior trial experience and case results builds the trust and confidence. Good practice demands that we keep you fully informed and that we share case developments, good or bad, as soon as they unfold. The Rules of Professional Conduct dictate that we sign a Retainer Agreement that clearly explains not only the services that we provide and the fees and costs associated with those services, but also your duties, limitations and responsibilities as a Client.

Investigate and Prepare Your Case

Although the verdict is rendered at the conclusion of the trial, the outcome is determined by the investigation and preparation of the defense. At this stage, Tom and his co-counsel evaluate the evidence provided in discovery, research legal issues, identify potential witnesses, develop a viable trial strategy based on a “theory of the defense,” file pre-trial motions, attend pre-trial motions hearings, organize trial testimony, outline proposed cross examination, retain experts (when needed) and assemble admissible exhibits. As a practical matter, we arrange our calendars to avoid back-to-back trials in consecutive weeks. Only when these tasks have been accomplished can your case be deemed ready for trial.

Implement The Trial Strategy

Once the evidence has been analyzed, we can make an intelligent decision about whether to enter into plea negotiations or set the case in for a jury trial. If we opt for trial, “the theory of the defense” has to be clearly presented. Presence in the courtroom is a product of experience and personality. Each of our Attorneys is intimately familiar with the rules of evidence and procedure that govern trial protocol. We must balance the delicate task of demonstrating a calm demeanor with arguing your case with controlled passion. We utilize power point presentations during opening statements and closing arguments whenever possible. Throughout the course of the trial, we are mindful to preserve all trial errors for appellate review should an appeal become necessary.

The Attorneys At Premier Defense Group

Tom Pavlinic and every Premier Defense Group Attorney ensures that you will receive a committed defense that measures up to these high quality standards. Learn more about the individual attorneys and our collective accomplishments, and you will quickly see for yourself that we are suited to represent you. We take pride in fulfilling our fiduciary duty to you.