Sex Crime Defenses

There are few areas of law that have seen more innocent people falsely convicted than those related to child sex abuse and other sex crimes. Thousands of lives have been ruined by false accusations and by disproportionately harsh penalties imposed on the convicted.

Ineffective defense is one of the main reasons for this terrible injustice. If you are facing a sexual charge, it is absolutely imperative that your defense attorney be experienced in the field of sex crimes defense. The approach and defense strategies in this area of criminal law are different from those employed in other areas of criminal law. They require specific skills and investigative resources.

Here, we present a some sampling of some of the strategies and considerations involved in defending yourself against a sexual criminal charge. To discuss the specifics of your case, we urge you to call us at (800) 993-0632 to speak with Tom or one of our Group attorneys experienced in sex crimes defense.

Accuser Motivation

Because sexual charges are often based on the word of the accuser, the motivations and background of the accuser are highly relevant to sex crimes defense. Proper investigation and use of psychological experts can uncover facts that can be helpful to your defense.

  • Lying about consensual sex. Some may make false charges of sexual assault or rape to cover up consensual sex in order to protect their own reputation from damage to hide casual sexual encounters from friends and family.
  • Child custody disputes. A parent may make false accusations of molestation or inappropriate sexual behavior against his or her spouse in order to gain an advantage in family court. Such false charges are a common tactic in divorce and custody cases.
  • Financial advantage. A sexual charge is an easy way for an accuser to extort money from a defendant. Celebrities are not the only targets of these schemes. An employee can easily bring such a charge against an employer. We have also seen extortion associated with extramarital affairs.

Suppression of Evidence

If photographs, computer files or other records were obtained from you, there are very strict search and seizure guidelines that the police must follow. Illegally obtained evidence cannot be used against you in court. In sex crimes cases, there are limited circumstances in which incriminating evidence can be suppressed. A motion to suppress is a Constitutional Right and an effective weapon in the hands of an experienced sex crimes defense attorney.


"Taint" can occur when children are subjected to biased and suggestive interviews. Parents, teachers, police and even therapists can ask leading questions such as "daddy touched you there, didn't he?" Often, the adult conducting the interrogation is not consciously aware of the suggestive nature of the question. Young children, who are eager to please adults, often answer "yes" and even build false memories about events that did not actually occur.

We are experienced in the field of recognizing and challenging tainted evidence. Our research and legal arguments in this area have resulted in new case law. In fact, attorneys from around the country have turned to Premier Defense Group for advice in this important area of sex crimes defense.

Other Defense Considerations

An effective sex crimes defense demands expertise, particularly when the charges involve children. During your free consultation with Premier Defense Group, Tom or one of our other lawyers can review the details of your case and explain your options.

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