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Texas Sex Crimes DefenseAttorney Tom Pavlinic has been a criminal defense attorney for over 40 years. In the past, Tom began to discover how complex, intense, and difficult sex crime trials were becoming as states began to develop special rules that applied only to these types of cases. As a result, he realized that in order to offer highly effective legal representation, he needed to limit the scope of his practice to sex crimes defense, exclusively.  From that point forward, he has traveled the country fiercely defending individuals who have been accused of sex crimes, particularly those involving children.

Texas’ Tough Stance on Sex Crimes

After having represented individuals in sex crime trials in Texas, Attorney Tom Pavlinic knows just how aggressive and relentless prosecutors are when it comes to allegations of sexual abuse. Although most states have taken a tough stance on such allegations, Texas has seemingly made defending oneself more difficult than perhaps any other state. Over the years, Texas laws have shifted from being protective of the accused to protective of children’s welfare. This means that many of the rights that defendants have in other types of cases have been greatly hindered in cases involving alleged sexual abuse.

Why Chose Attorney Tom Pavlinic

Due to the intense challenge that sex crimes cases present, as well as the severe and seemingly disproportionate penalties that follow a conviction, it is important to hire a defense attorney who regularly represents individuals who have been charged with sex crimes. Such cases require a tremendous amount of experience, time, focus, research, and planning.  No amount of reading or studying could ever prepare an attorney for the complexities, unique circumstances and unexpected events that occur in these types of cases.

After having focused exclusively on sex crimes defense for the past 20+ years, Attorney Tom Pavlinic has developed immense experience in this unique area of law. Despite the demand for Tom’s expertise, he focuses upon quality rather than quantity, and therefore is able to devote all of his resources to each case that he undertakes.

The Team Approach

Although Tom is licensed to practice law in Maryland, the majority of his cases are in other states such as Texas. When he is retained as counsel, he partners with a member of his Group who practices locally in the Texas jurisdiction of the case. Through his partner, Tom is admitted pro hac vice and serves as the lead defense attorney for your case. This process is required because a lawyer cannot simply be licensed to practice law in every state in the country.

This admission grants Tom full rights to defend you. Together, Tom and co-counsel work together utilizing his expertise and the Group co-counsel lawyer’s local law and procedure knowledge to give you the best possible defense they can.

Contact Tom Today for a Confidential, Free Consultation

It’s not just Tom’s experience that makes him special – it’s also his passion for what he does. If you would like to discuss your case with him, you can call 24/7 at 800-993-0632. 

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