What You Need To Know

If you have been accused of a crime, particularly a sex crime, we know exactly what you are experiencing. You are wondering how anyone could believe such outrageous accusations, particularly if they involve children. You question why the police or social workers don’t look at the evidence objectively. Perhaps family members and close friends have shied away. You are hoping that someone in a position of authority will put an end to the insanity. You question why the investigation would not be conducted to clear rather that convict you. You feel scared, frustrated and isolated.

For the first time in your life, the powers of the State or federal government, with all of their vast resources, are lined up against you. The goal of the prosecution is to convict you. Your freedom and well being are at stake.

No one is equipped to face this process alone. If you try to handle this situation without competent legal help, the results will be disastrous for you. If there is even a whisper that you could be facing a criminal or an administrative investigation, you should not take a single step without advice from you lawyer.

We are here to assist and hope that a review of our site will help you avoid costly mistakes and give you the confidence to mount your defense. You have already taken the first critical step toward ensuring your freedom. Now that you are ready to get started, call us at 800-993-0632 for a free consultation.

Understanding Your Rights

You have specific rights under the Constitution. You must, however, properly assert those rights, or they will be deemed waived. Probably the most important right protects you against having to speak with the police or any agency representative without the advice of counsel. This right is conferred by Amendment V of the Constitution and the decision of the United States Supreme Court in the well-known Miranda opinion. You must never give up this right until you speak with your attorney.

If you are the target of an investigation, or if you have been arrested, the prosecution has already begun building its case against you. You cannot foolishly sit back and naively think that the process will clear you because you are innocent. You must start structuring your defense immediately.

Having a competent defense team take charge early in the process is the best way to protect your rights. The sooner and more aggressively you defend yourself, the greater the chance of avoiding a conviction. In many instances, a well prepared and committed defense team can prevent an Indictment or trial.

Hiring an Attorney

Since selecting the attorney who will have the responsibility for your case and welfare is the threshold decision, you must not make that selection lightly. We encourage you to take the time to call and speak with Tom personally so that a face-to-face meeting can be arranged as promptly as possible. You will then be in a position to intelligently evaluate your defense team because you will know:

  • Who will have the responsibility for your defense
  • All the attorneys who will comprise your defense team
  • The experience and professional background of your team
  • Results achieved in cases like yours
  • How your case will be prepared for trial
  • Strengths and weaknesses of the evidence
  • What your trial strategy will be

Avoiding Common Mistakes

As we previously pointed out, the most common mistake is to rely on the system to exonerate you. This simply will not happen. Once law enforcement becomes involved, the goal is to convict you.

Another crucial mistake is not to assert your rights under the Constitution. Do not make any statements to any one under any circumstances without advice from your counsel. Law enforcement is permitted to use trickery, deceit and outright lies when they meet to talk with you in an effort to have you confess!

We suggest that you think twice before hiring individuals who are not lawyers to make decisions for you. The Internet is full of individuals who take advantage of your fears as they extract money for useless assessments or scientifically unreliable tests. Only lawyers are governed by professional standards set by their State Bars.

As an example, a tactic of the prosecution is to have the complainant or one of the family members make a “sting call” to you. This is a set up in which law enforcement gets around the Wiretap Statutes and obtains one-party consent for a telephone call. The caller will attempt to get you to make an apology so that this can “all be forgotten.” In reality, the call is being recorded by the police, and even what you perceive to be a harmless admission can be evidence that can convict you.

Do not try to defend yourself and think you can gain favorable treatment through friendliness or cooperation with investigators. Do not even speak with friends, relatives or codefendants without first obtaining the advice of an experienced defense attorney. The less you say, the less chance you have of making a critical mistake. Just politely decline any question until you have obtained the advice of an attorney.

How We Can Help

The mission of our Group is to provide each of our clients with the best possible representation. We believe that no individual attorney, regardless of experience, can single-handedly take on the responsibility for child sex abuse and other sex crimes defense. This requires a team effort.

All of the co-counsel with whom Tom has worked throughout his career are top attorneys. You benefit by having counsel with national experience working closely with co-counsel who is highly regarded in the local jurisdiction. There is no better approach.

Give Tom a call now. You can reach him at 800-993-0632. The initial consultation is free and confidential. We want to help, and we will.