When Teens Accuse

Teenagers are caught between a child’s and an adult’s world. They are mature enough to understand that their words and actions can be persuasive, but do not have a full appreciation of the harm they may cause to others.

Emboldened by this power, they sometimes make false accusations of sexual abuse in a moment of anger, out of spite or for retribution for some perceived wrong. Other times, teens are led by psychologists or social workers to believe they once were sexually abused.

What teens often don’t understand is that false accusations of sex abuse can cause enormous and permanent harm. A false accusation can ruin the life of the accused, result in a long prison sentence and subject him to a lifelong requirement to register as a sex offender. Once spoken, the allegations often cannot be taken back. Teens who try to later recant our characterized by law enforcement as “being in denial.”

Once an accusation is made, social workers, child protective services and the police may become involved. The child may be removed from the home and placed in foster care, or the accused may be forced to vacate his own home. When the wheels of the justice system begin to turn, teens who falsely accuse can feel trapped into sticking to their stories.

Experience & Successful with this Issue

One needs only to read about this recent case, or visit this website in order to be convinced of the damage lying teens have caused. We understand how to defend against a teenager’s false accusations of child sex abuse. Juries know that teens can be unpredictable. Angry and vindictive one day, teenagers may want to forgive and forget the next.

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