Sex Crimes Cases Results

Accusation of Sexual Abuse: No Charges Filed

In Cleveland, OH a former wife accused her husband of sexually abusing their daughter. No criminal charges were brought. The family court concluded from the evidence that no abuse had taken place. The wife’s “expert” was completely discredited. Heather Dyer and Tom Pavlinic handled this case.

Date Rape in DC: Not Guilty Verdict in Judge Trial

An employee of a prominent Washington, DC law firm was originally charged with rape. Prosecutors dropped that count but pressed for a conviction on a lesser offense that did not afford the client the right to a jury trial. Tom Pavlinic and Charles Shaffer tried this case before a judge and won a not guilty verdict.

Sex Abuse Charges: Dropped After Arrest

An uncle was charged in Washington, DC with having sexually abused his sister’s sons. After his arrest, the defense team scrutinized the evidence carefully and took the rare and unusual step of permitting the client to be interviewed by the prosecutor. As a result of that strategy, all the charges against the client were dropped. Tom Pavlinic and Richard Finci collaborated on the effort that brought about this favorable conclusion.

Accusations of Child Sex Abuse: No Charges Brought

In New Jersey, a grandfather was accused of sexually molesting his granddaughter. The child’s mother was pushing to have charges brought. The attorneys interceded with law enforcement and no charges were filed. Tom Pavlinic and Jim Wronko collaborated on this case.

Multiple Counts of Child Sex Abuse: Appeal Pending

In Stroudsburg, PA a man was convicted of multiple counts of child sex abuse against neighborhood children. The most serious count was attacked by the defense team in a post-trial motion as being insufficient under the law. This is a proceeding that permits the judge to overturn the jury and strike the conviction. This issue has been preserved and is now being argued on appeal. Tom Pavlinic and Robert Reno comprised the defense team.

Boyfriend Charged with Sex Abuse: Plea Negotiated for No Jail Time

In Rockville, MD a client admittedly touched his girlfriend’s minor daughter. The defense was able to rally the family and friends to speak on our client’s behalf. A plea was arranged that spared the client any jail time. He received straight probation. Tom Pavlinic and Maria Mena represented this Spanish-speaking client.

First Degree Child Rape: No Jail, No Public Registration Plea (Second Trial)

In Georgetown, DE, our client had been previously found not guilty of spousal rape. The allegations that his former spouse made about the rape of their daughter were severed for trial. This offense carries a mandatory sentence of 25 years to life imprisonment in DE. The defense filed a motion attacking the interview protocol employed by law enforcement when taking statements from minor children and asking that the child be precluded from testifying. After the hearing, the prosecution offered a plea to a lesser of no jail time and no public registration. Tom Pavlinic and Kate Aaronson continued their joint representation.

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