Testimonials From Former Clients

5/2015 – Ryan

“The hysteria and bias surrounding sexual abuse allegations requires an attorney who specializes and is dedicated to defending you. Tom Pavlinic is this man. Thanks to Tom and his amazing team I was able to get my life back.

In 2007 I was falsely accused of sexually abusing my then girlfriend’s two daughters. Despite law enforcement’s failure to verify or validate the allegations I was charged and went to trial in 2009. I was represented by a local attorney and while being a competent defense attorney we were not prepared for what was to come. The truth doesn’t matter in the judicial system and I was convicted. I spent nearly 4 years in prison for a crime I didn’t commit. Thankfully we won the appeal. I knew then that I needed someone who’s expertise lay in sex crimes. A family member found the Premier Defense Group and got me in touch with Tom. It was the best thing that could have happened.

Tom and his team’s dedication, knowledge and compassion are unparalleled. Thanks to this we won the retrial in 2015 and I have my freedom once again. I hope others can learn from my misfortune. The fear, hysteria and bias surrounding allegations of this nature can overcome truth and reason. You wouldn’t want a general family practice doctor to perform heart surgery on you or a loved one. You would want an expert heart surgeon. Tom is this, and I can not thank him enough for returning my life to me.”

02/2015 – Tim

“I was accused of touching my niece who is only four years old. I DID NOT do this. It upset the whole family. Some believed me and some weren’t sure. My brother(her father) went to the police as soon as she told him. She said it happened in front of other adults. I was scared. She gave very believable statements. If she had accused anyone else I would have believed her. I thought that I was in the clear because she said it happened in front of two other adults. NOT the case. My dad told me to get a lawyer and began to tell me how serious this was. I then received a call from a detective telling me that she needed a statement and wanted to set a polygraph. I was innocent and though, of course lets get this whole thing out of the way but my dad scared me so I told her that I was getting a lawyer. I did like everyone else does, I went to my hometown lawyer. I spoke to him, told him what happened and he called the detective to set up a time to meet. I noticed that he had a relationship with the detective already and thought, ok this might be a good thing. After the phone call I spoke more in depth with him and then I started to realize that he was more of a divorce, dui and speeding ticket lawyer. Some of the advice he gave me didn’t seem right. He told me that this is an open and shut case and to not worry about anything. I only spoke with him for a total of 10 minutes. This was like a red flag to me. My wife looked up lawyers on line and found Premier Defense Group.

I called Premier Defense Group on a Saturday night. Probably the best decision I have ever made. I spoke to Sharron Woodbury who spoke with me for 30-45 minutes. I though she was the lawyer, in fact she is a very knowledgeable paralegal. She gave me way more information than the other lawyer I spoke to. She told me that she would be passing on my information to Tom Pavlinic for more help. At this time it was almost 8pm on a Saturday night. Less than an hour later Tom calls me and spoke with me for another 30-45 minutes. I was so reassured. Tom even gave me his home phone number incase I was arrested so I could get ahold of him in the middle of the night. He gave me critical advise. I set a meeting with him to sit down in person. Our meeting was another hour. All of this was FREE. He gave me advise and told me how to interact with the police and I wasn’t even his client yet. Tom is VERY competent. He is the best lawyer that you could ask for. Like one of those good lawyers you see in a movie. I can’t say enough how intelligent this man is.

In the end, I followed ALL of Tom’s advice. I was only accused. No charges were ever filled. You have to understand, even if I was arrested, these accusations would have been on my record for my whole life. It would have followed me for my whole life and would have impacted every job I could have gotten. People would have always prejudged me for something I didn’t do. No one would have ever believed me. After 3 weeks of stress the case against me was closed. My niece told my brother that she made everything up because it was funny. In Virginia I could have faced 30 years. I didn’t make a statement or even take a polygraph. Tom even sent back part of my retainer. A very honest and trustworthy man who at every turn had my best interest a heart.

Lastly, this is your future. You never want to regret not getting the best lawyer. This is your life, not a used car. Get the best. I honestly believe that there are innocent people in jail. You don’t want to be sitting in jail, an innocent person, thinking that you should have gotten a good lawyer. Once you are charge you are fighting an uphill battle. You are already guilty. If this could happen to me, then it could happen to you. Premier Defense Group. Remember that name. Don’t ruin your future trying to prove your innocence. You are not smart enough to talk to the police by yourself.”

09/2014 – F.G.

“I live in Maryland. I hired Tom Pavlinic as my defense attorney when I was suddenly falsely accused of sexually abusing my own 3 year old daughter. One thing led to another. False accusations to a doctor led to Social Services and then a police report that led to charges against me. A blessing for me – in my need for help and direction to fight these false allegations I found Tom’s web page and read up on the narratives of what had happened to other clients that Tom had represented and got to see Tom the same day shortly after I called and spoke with him about what I was dealing with.

Tom Pavlinic and Premier Defense Group advised and helped me to do the right things – turn myself in cooperatively, get a reduced bond (and when I turned myself in on a Thursday (…that became Friday), and then not getting the bail bond hearing till Monday – Tom came to visit me in jail to counsel and prepare me for what could happen next. Tom and Sharron (working with Tom and for PDG) also really helped me cope with such a life threatening and life changing travesty. Tom also emphasized and assisted me to stay away from the police and Social Services to keep me from being taken down by someone with their own career and own goals in mind. Tom brought his points across with a professional sense that was accurate and cooperative. I have no criminal record and I have no experience in these types of situations. Tom used this appropriately to our advantage as he did the necessary pre-trial footwork and communications to do his best to get the charges dropped. I really feel Tom has integrity and care in mind for the defendants he represents those that are falsely accused – and just as important the knowledge and experience needed to do what is best. Tom was very straightforward and honest to me both before and after the charges were dropped. Tom (and Sharron) also made the effort to be timely about keeping me informed as to what was happening as well. Sharron was also very helpful and considerate to me. Such a time of duress for me, such a heavy load on my heart and my mind, Sharron was very compassionate and took the time to empathize with me about my difficulties and my concerns at the same time she helped me to stay focused and aware on what we needed to do and what may happen next. She gave support by relating to me stories about cases from her experience to prepare me for the worst scenario, and to help me to cope for the best outcome. Thank you Sharron.

Tom then made the early effort to take the action to establish dialogs with both the county Assistant District Attorney and the Lead Sexual Abuse Officer handling the case – to get these false charges dropped. I could see in the dialog of the letters Tom Pavlinic sent them that he spoke the truth of me as the person I am and my situation in a straight-forward, concise and accurate manor. This was followed by dismissal of the charges – “Insufficient Evidence” from the District Attorney, and an “Unsubstantiated” Report from Social Services. After the charges were dismissed, Tom was upfront to me about the outcome of my case. As a result of everything falling into place for us with respect to the criminal charges, Tom then offered to work with my custody lawyer in the event that false allegations of child sexual abuse arise in that litigation. I sincerely want to do whatever I can to be the loving father I have been and a full part of my daughter’s life again. I really feel Tom understands this and truly cares about what has happened and what can be done. Knowing Tom is the best at what he does, I gratefully accepted Tom’s assistance on the child custody issues – and feel I am in the best of hands to continue to overcome this travesty that has taken place in my life. Tom and PDG, thank you for your presence and your effort, your integrity and your kindness too. All so important here as well, give Tom the credit for having a special ability to synergize. Tom has a quality to interact together genuinely with his clients and his cases. I feel Tom truly values the mental, emotional, and psychological differences among people and knows how to be proactive with the people involved in his cases – to get the best results. Tom and Sharron, Thank you both. Thank you again so much, Premier Defense Group.”