Testimonials From Former Clients

3/15/2013 – Charles

“Thank you… for your letter confirming the closing of the investigation by Detective xxx. I didn’t reply immediately…I guess I just wanted a few more days to pass….so I could really believe it . It was amazing to me that you were able to help make this happen in only three days following your phone call to Detective xxx. Everything you forecasted became so. Thanks again, so much… for your extraordinary representation.”

11/26/2012 – Dave

“Last October I was falsely accused of a sex crime by a friend (an adult) after we had gotten drunk together and she voluntarily came to my bed. Activities that occurred between us were clouded by alcohol consumption but consensual. A week later she went to the police and filed a report/complaint against me. When the police called to talk to me they just wanted to get my side of the story, I willingly went without counsel. DON’T ever do this. The police only want to use what you say against you. Ask for an attorney, demand an attorney, and they have to stop interviewing you. Also, believing myself innocent as I was involved in a consensual act I allowed the police to seize my cell phone. Again, never hand anything over to them unless they have a warrant for it. I’ve kicked myself over and over again for not knowing these things last year. Lastly, don’t be afraid or nervous, you have rights, they won’t tell you that you do but you do, so don’t waive them by talking or giving them ammunition against you. Also, what you may not know is that what you tell the police goes into a police report which if arrested becomes public and the papers print with a slant what was “said”. Keep in mind what the police write is not always accurate, it puts you in a bad light, they are there to make a case against you. They don’t care what kind of person you are, what you have done in life, or whether you have a family to support.

Anyway, after making these mistakes I didn’t know what to do with myself. I spent that night in emotional turmoil with my wife and the next day I spent with my family. I came to the conclusion that the best solution would be for me end it all so that I wouldn’t have to put my family through the suffering and shame that was coming because of my stupidity and weakness. Fortunately, I have a saint for a wife, and after I left her and the kids on that Saturday night she tirelessly combed the internet looking for help. She called me at 7 a.m. Sunday morning. I was sleeping in my car on the side of the road three states away deciding the least painful way to leave them. She told me that she had reached Sharron who worked PDG and that she had actually answered the call at 6 a.m. on a Sunday morning. I had some hope. I spoke with Tom before 8 a.m. as he was headed to breakfast with another client. He gave me more hope. I ended up hiring Tom and found a fantastic lawyer to team with in my state. We didn’t get the best possible outcome for my case as I had to settle for a plea, but we got the best outcome considering the damage I did by speaking with the police and letting them take my phone. The plea was for a misdemeanor charge, no jail time, and no sex charges. Unfortunately, because of what was in the papers I’ve lost my job. But I’m here, my family is with me, and I have the opportunity to rebuild my life. If Sharron didn’t answer the phone that morning I don’t know where I’d be today. Throughout the process Tom and Sharron showed warmth, caring, and understanding not only in my case but in regard to the well-being of my family.” Thank you, Dave

02/06/2012 – Anonymous

“When you engage a top flight law firm you expect the best legal performance and advice. Such is the result you get with Premier Defense Group. What is not anticipated is the depth of the personal relationship that develops. Tom Pavlinic has assembled a knowledgeable, compassionate, and dedicated staff. They are non-judgmental and provide a shoulder to lean on in a trying time.”

10/19/2011 – D.W

“Mr. Tom Pavlinic and his legal team took my case and spent countless hours in helping me defend myself in a criminal case in Prince Georges County, Maryland where I was falsely accused. I am able to write this review today as a free and innocent man today because of Tom and his team. I would strongly suggest that ANYONE who is accused of a sex crime and don’t know who to trust contact The Premier Defense Group and meet with Tom and his team. His trial experience and legal knowledge far exceeds any other lawyer in the area of sex crimes. Thank you Tom and the Premier Defense Group!”

8/16/2011 – A Grateful and Blessed Young Man/ Junior

“Having Thomas Pavlinic as my lawyer saved my life. His dedication to me was unbelievable, using every resource he could find to help me into a reasonable plea that I could not have reached with any public defender. My charge carried a maximum sentence of 20 years and i was facing at least 9 years in the adult system. Although I was seventeen when the incident happened, Tom did everything in his power to get my case pushed back to the juvenile system. I was retained on a $250,000 bond. Tom was able to get me released on my own recognizance without ever paying a penny. During the time that he spent on my case, he took me under his wing affectionately. Tom worked with the prosecutor and represented me to the fullest extent. He also negotiated that I did not have to be place on the sex registry, which is a blessing within itself. He also showed kindness to my family by visiting me in the detention center even before he was retained. I can honestly say that with Tom in my corner, I felt a greater sense of hope than I probably should have. He just gives off a vibe that can restore any clients’ confidence. I would completely recommend Tom to anyone that’s in the similar predicament; he really does use the full extent of the law to help you out. As of today, I’m living my aspirations and dreams. I’m a freshman in college and one day, I pray to become a lawyer and give back to others like Tom gave to me. He gave me my life back. I will always be grateful to him!” Sincerely, A Grateful and Blessed Young Man/ Junior

6/05/2011 – D.H.

“A young guy caught up in a bad situation is never a good thing. Especially when it’s something as serious as a sexual crime. An accusation such as that can derail your life in ways that are incomprehensible. After the accusation, everything was calm, until I found that I was going to be charged. I was convinced that my life was over and that I was going to be judged everywhere I went. It felt as though I had an illuminated sign stuck to my forehead saying that I was a sexual offender. Although I wanted to eventually just give up, Tom Pavlinic, Melinda Glaubke and their partners were extremely dedicated to proving that I was innocent. They were always on top of everything and were keeping on me to make sure that I was doing my part in the case. They were able to get one charged dropped and fought diligently and ruthlessly to receive a ‘not guilty’ verdict for the second charge. Words alone cannot express mine and my family’s gratitude towards Mr. Pavlinic and his defense team. I would highly recommend Mr. Pavlinic to anyone that has been “caught up” in a sexual situation.”